44 Totally Messed Up Games Of ’Truth Or Dare’ That Are 100% NSFL

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1. The Creepy Hoarder

I was 12ish with a group of girls from the neighborhood. There was a creepy old guy that lived nearby, I watch you playing while I’m in my underwear kind of creepy. They said they would all get naked if I managed to get inside his house. I needed that shit in my life.

Without hesitation I smashed my elbow on the concrete and rolled over there under the guise of seeking medical attention. The guy let me in, the house was Hoarders level gross. He watched me clean off my elbow and forced me to let him apply a bandage. The whole while he was… Fucking grunting or something. I made it out alive and unmolested. They made good on the dare.

2. Sheep Carcass

On a school camping trip when I was about 8/9, my friends and I found a sheep carcass on our explorations. I was dared to stick my finger into the rotting insides of said sheep and then put it in my mouth. It tasted exactly like you would expect.

3. Serendipity

My friend dared me to suck his girlfriend’s nipple. The girlfriend was all for it.

4. Things Got Out Of Hand

Alright everyone, story time. I’ll try to keep it short, but there’s a lot of detail so hang in there with me.

I was 16, and still very much an awkward teenager. Sitting at home one night when my phone rang. A group of girls were going to a party at my good friend’s house and wanted me to tag along since they knew he and I were close. So we get there and it’s a normal party situation. Someone got a case of beer, another stole some liquor from their parent’s cabinet. So after an hour or two, everyone was teenager buzzed and getting flirty. We sit down for a game of truth or dare and the typical ‘kiss her’ and ‘take your shirt off’ goes around a few times. So after about an hour, there’s a bunch of us half-naked in a circle. This is around the time where it goes downhill. My buddy’s dad comes home early from whatever he was doing and we hear the garage door open. We all panic and try to redress as quickly as possible. In the calamity, I grabbed a girl’s shirt and she starts freaking out because she couldn’t find it. His dad walks in as I’m struggling to put on what I finally figured out wasn’t my shirt, and starts yelling at us all to get out. I gave the girl back her shirt as everyone is rushed out of the house. I’m the last to leave as I want to find my clothes, but give up after his dad is getting seriously pissed off at me.

By the time I get to the driveway, I notice the girls have left without me. So I’m stuck a few miles away from home without a ride and a shirt.

I said fuck it, there’s no remedying this situation and just ran my drunk ass as far as I could. I made it about halfway before I stopped to catch my breath in a neighborhood next to a greenbelt. I’m paused on the sidewalk when I look up and see a cop parked a few houses down. Cop flicks on his headlights and I just stopped. There was no way I was going to make this situation any worse. So they pull up next to me and ask if everything is okay. I was completely honest with them and told the entire story. I fully expected a ticket, but they just started laughing at me and offered a ride home. When I got home, I see my mom sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette. So I step out of a cop car, half naked in the middle of the night, to my mother shaking her head looking like hell fire has struck deep in her soul.

I got grounded for two weeks. Totally worth it though, because I saw my first titty that night.

5. In The Australian Bush

…well it wasn’t any of this disgusting I’ve seen but… shit I was at a small camp and somebody got dared to light a tree on fire. This was the Australian Bush, it was the middle of summer in bonfire season. That shit would not go out for AGES if a fire was lit. Fortunately, a passing guy who was running the camp caught on and confiscated those matches and gave a very loud lecture.

6. Slippery

I drank a whole bottle of olive oil. Extra virgin.

7. But Did It Work?

I flossed with my own pube.

8. Hobo Kid

When I was 7, I showered like twice a week. This girl was dared to suck on my big toe and she was fortunate enough to suck on my toe on my fifth day of not showering.

9. Challenge Accepted

A mate was dared to cockslap a fan. He did it.

10. *Shudder*

One friend dared another friend to let him shit on his chest.. He reluctantly complied…

11. That’s Not How This Game Works

“I dare you to kill yourself.”
Middle school sucked.

12. In Retrospect This Was Weird….

When I was younger I was dared to get naked and hump the window facing a busy road at this guy’s place. I thought this was a totally normal thing that older kids made you do as some sort of initiation into middle school. Kinda messed up now I realise he was watching me do it.

13. People Are Animals

Not me but I was at a party with a few friends a few years ago that got fucked up fast. It was in my friends GF’s house for New Years. Her parents were out so they let her have a party but her sister was also allowed to have one. They decided that one would take the living room and the other the kitchen.

I was in the living room having a good time when my GF asked me to get a class for her. I went into the kitchen and that group was playing truth or dare. One girl asked a lad to lick her friends used tampon and well, he fucking did. I stood there and just watched this nasty bitch pull out her tampon and hand it to him. It was a heavy flow.

He straight up sucked it like a lollipop and gave it back to her. I left the kitchen and refused to go back.

14. Who Hasn’t?

After we finished secondary (high) school, my whole class went out and got drunk. Ended up doing some truth or dare and a guy revealed he’d once had a wank to the Latin teacher in the middle of a lesson.

15. Revenge At Last

My friend used to think he was some sort of player. So, we were all sitting around playing, and we all knew he was going to dare the hottest girl to kiss him. So we set our plan into action. My other friend dared him to chug a bottle of Ranch Dressing. Which he did. Then I dared him to chug a liter of Pepsi One. Which he did. He then proceeded to ralph hard and very very loud into a trashcan in the kitchen. His tun, and he dares the girl to make out with him. She refused. We laughed.

What good are friends if they don’t cock-block you at every turn?

16. Near Death

Never played (tragic tear) We just did dares. Friend dared me to jump into a glacial pool butt naked. My heart almost stopped. Last time anyone did that (for a week).

17. It All Worked Out

I was about 17 playing truth or dare at my buddy’s gf’s house. my ex gf was there, we recently broke up but still got along fine. parking truth or dare she ends up getting dared to blow this dude she had a thing for and did it. I was pissed to say the least. they went into the bathroom to do this. as the game went on the game got more and more sexual. a girl was dared to blow me in the bathroom, me being funny and fairly intoxicated, stand up and drop my pants upping the dare factor (at this point everyone had seen some body part of everyone), not missing a beat, she crawls over and does the deed right there in front of everyone. as epic as it sounds I was excited, scared, drunk, and freaked out all at the same time and didn’t know what to do. she stopped after a few seconds and everyone was in shock. we won truth or dare that night. that was the craziest night of my young life and that’s only half the story. in a nutshell I accomplished the hat trick later that night.

18. Mean Girls

I had a sleepover in the first year of middle school. My parents were so happy because I barely had any friends, so they did everything they could to make the party awesome include leaving us totally alone.
We played truth or dare, and there was this one girl who was really good and nice, straight As, miss perfect pretty much. Someone (I can’t remember who) dared her to take off her pants and underwear and go naked from the waist down for the rest of the night. She didn’t want to, but she started to get made fun of for not doing it, so she did.

She looked so miserable walking around my house with her ass and lady parts exposed to the world. Granted, we were all girls but its was still weird. I’ll never forget how sad she looked.

I started to say something about it but I didn’t want to go back to having no friends, so I didn’t. But I still feel kinda bad about that to this day.

19. Frenemies Forever

My roommate asked me to rate the attractiveness of all the players. I figured “What’s the point of truth or dare if you don’t tell the truth?” and gave everyone a pretty high score except for my one friend who was morbidly obese and the kind of depressed that makes it feel like you’re throwing your support and encouragement into a black hole. I tried to be friends with him, but at that point in my life I don’t think I was mature enough to handle it well. Anyway, I rated him as a four, which upset him, and then I went back to his apartment and spent the whole night trying to console him after making the terrible decision of revealing that my rating was not based on looks, but on personality. Basically, “It’s not that I don’t think you’re hot, it’s just that I don’t like YOU as a person.” I feel terrible for how I handled that situation, and honestly how I handled the entire friendship.

20. Yep, That’s Omegle

When I was 14, I played truth or dare at a party. Someone dared me to go on Omegle wearing no pants. So I was just sitting there, with no pants, with a bunch of random dudes starting at me. God that was the most humiliating thing. So much guilt after.

21. Cold, Very Very Cold

I was first and picked dare. They dared me to leave and not come back.

22. Middle School Parties

Ι was in 7th grade and this was оne of those weird middle school рarties. In order to spare some details, Ι ran around my friend’s house shirtless wіth a tampon up my nose singing the nаtional anthem.

Adolescence was weird.

23. Band Kids

Band busses were the best for truth and dares. Probably (no, definitely), some sexual assault going on there.

Anyhow, one time it was getting a little too much for me, and I was tired. So I went and laid down and went to sleep. I woke up some time later and this girl was laying on top of me. I said “uh… Hey”, and she said “Hey”, then it was silent for a few minutes, and she got up and left. The group that was previously playing truth or dare started giggling.

Earlier, a dare was for someone else to grope her, and she did not care. She wasn’t even part of the game at that point.

24. What Happens In The Closet Stays There

We were young, maybe 12 years old. First we played spin the bottle. I had a little boyfriend. He refused to kiss anyone except if it landed on me, because we had not kissed yet. “Awwwww”s ensued. I chose to do the same, except we could never get it to land on each other. The preteen sexual tension was fierce.

Then we played Truth or Dare. There was some whispering amongst the girls. Girl A dares Girl B to join MY boyfriend in Seven Minutes in Heaven. It’s quiet. While we wait, my friend is assuring me that he’s probably just sitting in there with his arms crossed.

When the door opened, Girl B’s shirt was off and they were making out like no tomorrow. That was the end of that.

25. Yikes

When I was 7 or 8 I had somehow started spending some time with a group of 3 older boys, probably 14-15, can’t remember exactly.

They used truth or dare as an excuse to do gay things with each other. Nothing wrong with gays obviously, but this was in the 90’s, when it was still kinda not right. Glory holes and cottaging were at an all time high.

So yeah, those guys. I didn’t actually hang around to see anything, but I somehow think I was at risk when I was in their company.

26. Shit Got Weird

New Year’s eve and I had 4 friends over. One of the dares was having to lick chocolate syrup off my foot, and the same guy had to snort hot chocolate powder. My brother ran up and down the street in his boxers. We made my friend eat a surprise sandwich with egg yolk, pear preserves, syrup and cat food. I got slapped in the bare stomach by everyone with each one getting harder and harder. And then my cousin had to drink a mixture of mayonnaise, salsa, hot chocolate powder, syrup, and sweet tea. So yeah, shit got weird.

27. Nasty

A buddy of mine was dared to shit in the toilet, pick it up, bring it outside and throw it on the driveway. Fucker did it. He got me back later for it though, he did the whole shaving cream to the face thing. Being 12 was weird.

28. “I Win”

We were playing Truth or Dare. Friend dares a girl and I to make out for 10 mins in the other room. We go to the other room and make out for about 10 secs. She then proceeds to pull my dick out and give one of the greatest blowjobs I ever receive. I finish. She then laughs, posts up for a high five and says “haha, I win!” Pretty sure I won.

29. Not Really Appropriate At All

My friends dared each other to answer the door to the pizza guy in their underwear. Two of my female friends did it in just their bras and knickers and the poor guy looked pretty surprised.

We were at my slumber party and were all around 13 at the time.

30. Eager To Take A Breathalyzer

I was a junior in high school. Was over at a friend’s house playing beer pong without beer. We used un-sugared Koolaid. Yeah, we were that cool. Anyway, when you got a ping pong ball in a cup, there was a number on the bottom corresponding to a truth or dare we had written out previously. My dare was to run around the perimeter of the house in my underwear. So I strip down and run to the door only to find a police officer standing there. I screamed “Motherfucker!” and slammed the door in their face. I opened the door again, two officers made their way in and began asking questions.

They told us they wanted everyone to take breathalyzers. We all jumped at the chance to do so. I personally had never taken a breathalyzer before. However, once they saw our enthusiastic cooperation, they told us that they didn’t have enough mouth pieces and to forget about it. They concluded we were not doing anything illegal (we weren’t) and left.

Come to find out later, the neighbors across the street called the police because they saw one of us drinking beer which ended up being an IBC rootbeer. Also found out that there were 5 police officers waiting outside in the back of the house in case any of us decided to run.

Best game of Truth or Dare ever!

31. All For $3

We were playing for a pot of $3 it was down to me And my friend. My friend used his skip all ready, so I dare him something that I know he’ll have to skip on. “Put a banana in your Ass and eat it. This mother fucker gets up sticks the banana in his ass and completely devours the banana. He won the $3.

32. Is Truth Or Dare Just Foreplay?

We were 3 people at the end of a good night drinking, all in bed, buzzed, and it ended in a threesome. Great fun. Pretty weird since we are all best friends. Two guys one girl.

33. Nipple Piercings

Probably 16/17 or so. during the game, one girl says that she has her nipples pierced. Doesn’t take long before she is showing them off, she has rings them. She ended up being ‘dared’ to be a part of every dare for the rest of the night.

Being kids, we ended up having her tied to random things while we were playing – including belt loops (she would kneel in front of guys in nothing but panties while basically being hit the face with anything hard they might have) and other girls earrings (making the other girl motor-boat her for the rest of the round).

34. This Simply Isn’t How You Do It

I picked dare and finger banged a girl for the first time. That part was really great. The bad part was how I walked out of the bathroom and let my friends smell my finger. I was a pretty stupid kid. Sorry Betty, you were a real sweetheart and I really liked making out with you.

35. Three Girl Oral Circle

Freshman year in high school truth or dare and we had changed the rules a bit. All a little messed up already we got to the point all teen truth or dare does when the first sexual dares start coming out. A girl had flashed the boys there her tits. A guy had to pull out his dick and show the girls and then the real one happened. A friend dared the chick I had a crush on to get into a 3 girl circle of oral. (3 girls in the ring three guys) They all just start undressing and go at it. There wasn’t even any looking at each other to see if the others wanted to. That part sticks out in my mind almost as much as the fact that not a single one of us guys took off a single bit of clothing, touched a single girl, or said a single word. We sat there doing nothing. Just teens completely lost in what to do. The entire time I was thinking, “any second now I’m getting in on this”. Never did. They stopped and kinda looked at us one was almost mad at us and she tried to continue the game with a dare that I can’t remember and I can’t remember how the game ended but I did end up fucking the chick I didn’t have a crush on, which in hind sight meant I fucked the hotter one of the three. So all in all a win. But god damn if we didn’t freeze up completely there.

36. That’s My Fetish

I was 18, got dared to lick a girls feet and thought it was weird as fuck. Turns out that she had a foot fetish and was into me, and liked the power trip.

37. This Is Just Insane

I was dared to “jump into the lake in the most dangerous way you can”, so I got in the water, made sure I was good and wet, grabbed a two gallon gas can and a lighter, and climbed up this tree we all used for diving. Everyone was laughing, like “WTF is he doing? Nah, he won’t do it!” I got up in the tree, about 30 feet up, and started going out onto the limb that hung over the water. I poured the gas on myself, and then everyone shut up, because I was really going to do this. I took a breath, lit the lighter, and jumped just as all the gas caught. I sort of belly flopped, but was otherwise fine.

38. With Friends Like These

Not me personally, but I was there. A friend dared another friend to put a popsicle in their vagina. She did it, and complained about it for years afterwards.

39. You Don’t Have To Tell The Truth

Playing truth or dare when I was like 15 or 16. My boyfriend chose truth and, in front of everyone, admitted he had been cheating on me.

40. Dusty Ass Habanero Mouth

Truth or dare one night at a outdoor kitchen where me and a big group of my friends use to hangout. Well my buddy Tom (for the sake of his privacy) brought his girlfriend Hillary. I being the evil bastard planned this one out. There was a super old dusty signed football on top the shelf, just covered with dust. I dared Tom to lick it from end to end, next go around I dared Hillary to eat a full habanero pepper. And just when they didn’t think it could get worse, before either rinsed out their mouths I made them make out so they each got dusty ass habanero mouth.

41. Psycho Kid

A friend’s little brother dared someone to slice open their finger, jam a paper clip into it and put the paper clip into an electrical outlet.

After we said no, he dared the same person to burn down the church 2 blocks down.

42. Joke’s On You, Truth Or Dare

Had a drunken night of truth or dare with a couple friends and some guys we hooked up with. My friend dared me to go out with the guy I was with after he’d asked me and I said no (it was just supposed to be a one night stand.)

We’ve been married for 20 years.

43. A Teenage Version Of ‘The Hangover’

In the weirdest truth or dare ever, I ate a live moth, one girl licked my friends hairy leg, another girl fisted my toilet, and my ginger friend was naked in my bad.

44. Guess What…

I picked truth, The question was “what is one thing you haven’t told me” and I straight up told him “I fucked your older sister” with the most serious face and he said “nice” like it was a joke and he was laughing his arse off then his face went laughter to OMFG HE DID WHAT face. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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