25 Romantics Name The Odd But Extremely Sexy Traits That They Find Irresistible

via twenty20/nolimitpictures
via twenty20/nolimitpictures

1. Very Particular

My buddy’s always says he’s always attracted to “girls that sit weird.” Like sitting on the sink to do your makeup or some weird fucked up cross legged style on a chair.

2. *Shrug*

Acne scars.

3. It’s About That Touch

I have a ridiculous hand fetish. So, male hands that are masculine and strong with long fingers. Just turns me to mush because you can imagine how confidently they will touch you. Feeling a little tingly already.

4. Only Slightly

Slightly crooked noses. (On guys)

5. Lil Monkey

That thing where a girl’s ears kinda stick out of their hair like a lil monkey. It’s cute.

6. *Boop*

Girls with protruding/pointy noses.

7. It’s About The Contrast

Difference in height (either a bit taller or a bit shorter).

While it’s pretty common for people to have a preference for someone a bit shorter or a bit taller than them, I find height difference attractive both ways.

Dated a girl who was 6 inches taller than me and another girl who was 6 inches shorter than me. Now I’m hooked.

8. Kirsten Dunst

Women with twisted lateral incisors like Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

9. Chicks Dig These

Facial scars. I feel like there is a cool story behind each one and so that makes it mysterious.

10. Comfort Is Sexy!

Girls in comfortable clothes like slippers, sweatpants and t-shirts.

11. Cute Little Snuffler

Sick girls. Not in general but if there is an attractive girl with a sniffle, stuffy nose, or a cough I just want to bang. Not so sick like vomiting or diarrhea but just enough. I feel like I’m trying to rationalize this too much, it’s weird no matter the level of sickness. I don’t even know why it’s attractive to me.

12. They Look So Tiny

Girls who wear sweaters where the sleeves are just slightly too long, to where you can only see the tips of their fingers…

13. Tuberculosis?

That sort of…sickly look on a guy where they look pale and the area around their eyes is kinda reddish? I’m not sure what it would be called.

14. Smooooooth

I love women’s armpits. I get embarrassed getting caught. If they stretch, arms overhead, I’ll stare at the smoothly shaved athletic pit.

15. Man Thighs

Men’s thighs, especially in great jeans.

16. Quirky

I don’t know what it is about them, but I love crooked teeth.

17. Things That Sometimes Go Unnoticed

That little curl of hair on the back of a women’s neck when she does her hair up.

18. Boyish Boys

Shoulder freckles (on guys). It’s boyish and lovable, I guess.

19. There’s Definitely Something Going On In There

Girls who sort of talk to themselves internally. So they don’t verbally say anything but when you watch their expressions, you can tell.

20. Brown Eyes

Apparently some people (mostly people who have them themselves it seems) think the common dark brown colour of eyes is kinda boring as it’s sort of the ‘default,’ but I’ve always found brown eyes very appealing.

21. Older Fashion

Those choker necklaces from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. LOVE that look for some reason.

22. Buttoned Up Is Dressed Up

Girls in button up shirts.

23. A Working Man Who Looks The Part

Veiny hands/arms on a man. You can tell a man works hard with his hands and is great with them. It’s like a hot button for me!

OOOOH and if he’s got a cut or a bruise or is sore like from working hard/ working out/ a fight.

Or if he just shows up with takeout and alcohol.

24. Actual Albino

Albino men. Not “pale” but actual albino.

25. No R’s Need Apply

Girls who can’t pronounce their R’s or girls who speak differently in general. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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