30 Women Spell Out Exactly How They Feel About Sex With A Condom: ‘It’s Just Not Even Close To Being As Good’

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They seem to dry my vagina out, which is pretty annoying. I also hate the smell. So chemical – it reminds me of hospitals. Not a sexy smell.


Hell yeah. I don’t have sex with condoms because it’s just not even close to being as good.

Physically, it’s better without because condoms dry my vagina out, feel rubbery and weird, and taste horrible. They also look really, really weird.

Mentally it’s better because without the condom there isn’t a physical barrier between my fiance’s cock and my vagina, and that’s important to me. It also allows for more spontaneity.


I can just feel a rubbery texture rather than skin, which isn’t so nice.

Also, I LOVE the feel (and thought) of him coming inside me, which I miss out on with a condom.

And finally, I love a lot of things that involve his penis near my parts but not necessarily in them – like when he comes on my ass and lets it drip down to my clit, or general foreplay rubbing. These things don’t really work with a condom – partially because of the aforementioned rubber texture, and partially the fluids are what make it so great (jesus that sounds terrible when you actually put it in words)..


I second that whole ‘coming in you.’ Condoms just aren’t the same. Also, that whole feeling of having some drop out after he removes his junk.

Condoms are always just one more thing to worry about.


It absolutely feels better because if my bf uses latex condoms with me, my throat closes and I will die.


It’s more of a mental difference from what I remember. I couldn’t really tell physically, but when I knew he didn’t have one on and was inside me, I was a lot more turned on and the emotional connection was better.


I cannot tell the difference. At all.


Honestly the only reason I’d ever want to have sex with out a condom is so we don’t have to fumble with one.. And that I want to feel “close” physically with out a barrier there. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel any different to me.


The only disadvantage for me is that you also need lube, and sometimes lots of it, because it can dry you out a lot faster. But beyond that, I actually would go as far as saying I PREFER sex with condoms, its just easier and less messy. Both of which are turn ons for me. I don’t notice any psychological difference about feeling ‘closer’, I mean his penis is inside you either way, and the inside of my vagina isn’t sensitive enough to be able to feel the texture of skin vs latex.



Condoms require pulling out immediately, which isn’t as fun as just basking in the moment.


Of course it does. It’s skin to skin contact and warm and wet and feels so much better.


I enjoy it the most because of the spontaneity and because I know he’s enjoying it more. And it does feel better to not have squishy, cold plastic in the way.


For me, yes. I can feel more of the texture of the skin/veins/shape and especially the coronal ridge (he’s cut). And just mentally knowing you’re doing it is a turn on as well.


Put on latex gloves and rub lotion on your arms or feet or whatever. That’s what sex with a condom feels like. Nice. But something is missing.


If, as the saying goes, sex with a condom feels to a man much like how petting a cat with a glove on ur hand feels, then to a woman it feels like petting a cat that’s wearing a latex suit.


Bareback feels downright velvety to me, it’s wonderful. I can feel so much more in terms of sensations going bareback. I also feel a lot more intimate with my partner.

Condoms kind of dull the experience for me sensation-wise. It still feels good, but not as much as without. I dry out a lot easier with them. They smell artificial and leave a lingering smell and taste on skin. One thing condoms do give me though is less anxiety toward the obvious pregnancy risks which makes it much easier for me to mentally relax.


No. Condoms feel better to me for some reason.I guess it’s because I like the smoothness. I tried bare once and didn’t care for it.


There is a huge difference in feeling! To the point I would rather not have sex than have sex with a condom.

There’s a huge amount of difference in friction, you can feel the different pressures and the way the skin texturizes at different points, you can feel changes in heat and body fluids.. its much more intimate with skin to skin closeness and there is no break in foreplay like oh wait a sec I just gotta put this on (admittedly this can be a sexy shared moment if you make it so).

And when a guy cums inside you you can just enjoy that moment for a while while you both catch your breath and pulsate. Such a magic feeling!

It is so individual though, some ladies notice no difference which is very lucky!


It’s not so much that i can feel that great of a difference, but condoms dry me out quicker and it bums me out transitioning from the guy finishing to him dancing around trying to walk to a trashcan without spilling jizz everywhere. Also sometimes condoms are noisy.


I really like ribbed condoms. Extra sensation and no clean up! They’re awesome for quickies.


I hate the lube of condoms and they’re uncomfortable for me. I don’t know what it is but they’re almost painful. Went on the shot and don’t use them anymore. My sex life is infinitely better, despite the annoying “clean up” that follows.


The thing that really physically feels better is the coming-inside part, which I really like. They also feel kind of rubbery and awkward.

Honestly, I have used condoms very rarely (in the past because I was a stupid teenager on birth control who wasn’t careful enough, and now because I get my partners tested) because they ruin spontaneity and I think they’re icky. Obviously if I’m having a one-night stand or a new relationship I’ll use them, but otherwise my BCP has never failed me.


Ok, so I have a confession:

my boyfriend is extremely endowed.

This means that yes, sex without a condom is more pleasurable for both of us, but only with a large amount of lube on my part because I’m quite small. It’s a good problem to have, but the friction was causing pretty bad pain. We went a while without using condoms, which was only nice when I wasn’t already sore.

Basically: I’m small, boyfriend’s hella not, so yes it feels better but with lots of KY jelly. Friction is nice but only on the inside, not the opening of your puss where it gets sore.


I used a condom once- hated everything about it. The smell, the gooey lube feeling, the coldness, everything. Felt more like a medical exam than a sexy moment. But like I said, I only used one once. Since then I got on nexaplon and that was that.


Oh yeah, its not comfortable for me at all. In fact they even caused me to have infections, gross. Like BV and Yeast…

I can feel the rubbery texture, which does not compare to skin on skin. As well as I lose sensitivity over it. And it dries me out…

Thank goodness my boyfriend and I are safe enough to go bareback.


Yes. Especially if he’s uncircumcised.

Everything glides so smoothly, it’s heavenly.


To me. Is there a difference? Yes. Is one better or worse in feeling, no not really. It doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of sex. It is nice to not have to deal with the condom before or after use, and to be able to stay inside a little longer. But, does that really affect overall enjoyment, for me no.


I guess I’ll be one of the few that says that I like condoms better. First of all, I can’t really tell much of a difference personally. But more importantly, me and my bf don’t have to have this constant worry of pregnancy, even though I’m on the pill (we’re paranoid people, and as college freshman we like to be as close to 100% risk-free as possible). It just allows for an extra layer of protection, and the mental comfort from that significantly overrules spontaneity.

Also, sometimes I still have problems getting wet, no matter how turned on I am, so prelubricated condoms make sex much more comfortable and let my bf last longer.


Absolutely. The type of lube on most condoms gives me a UTI. Other than that though its just clammy and uncomfortable.


There is a noticeable difference in texture, warmth, smell (condoms smell like hospitals) upon insertion but once the thrusts and the passion get going I really stop caring either way. However, when it comes to multiple sessions in one day, normally after the first or second go I’m feeling a bit sore in my vagina and if my lover were to cum inside of me, his semen could kind sting!! I always want him to use a condom after the 1st round to spare me the discomfort at the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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