21 Hopeful ‘How We Met’ Tales To Read When You Feel Like Giving Up

20. Being Clever

It was very simple. We were drunk at my place after a party and I said I would like to go to bed now, would he like to come sleep in my bed since it is much more comfortable than the couch? Of course he did.

But well, he had “forgotten” his laptop at my place before going to the party to have a reason to end up back here… I’m sure we both thought we were being really clever.

21. The Power Of Nic Cage

I met my girlfriend through my ex. She invited the both of us out to trivia night. I got to talking to her and we both bonded over Nic Cage gifs. I also talked about the old fashioneds that I make, and she coyly suggested that I invite her over for some sometime.

A couple days later, I’m working late and I’m somewhat tipsy at work (it was a catered event and we were allowed to get one or two drinks.) I decided, fuck it, and texted her about the old fashioned I was having and how she was missing out. We proceeded to text flirt until 4 am. I went for it and invited her over for drinks.

Come the following Thursday she comes over for drinks. We watch Nic Cage’s Vampire’s Kiss (a classic). We bang.

And we still bang to this day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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