21 Hopeful ‘How We Met’ Tales To Read When You Feel Like Giving Up

16. Two Bouncers

I met my now fiance 2 years ago working concert security at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta. She was in the process of manhandling (by herself) a 250lb drunk dude out of the venue. Asked her if she needed help, she said no, but I still kept an eye on her. later that night she came up to me and thanked me for offering help. Thats when I asked her if wrestling big guys solo was her thing (I was 300lbs at the time). Rest is history.

17. The Hypothetical Route

As friends, We were discussing my screwed up dating life on a long train journey.

Me: “Hypothetically, if I were to ask you out, what would you say?”
She: “Probably I would go out with you.”
Me: “…. Will you go out with me?”
She: “Yes.”

18. My Friend Likes You

I was a lame 15 year old, so I asked my friend to go and tell him I was interested. Him being a shy, severe introvert thought I was pranking him to be mean. He did ask if I was serious and I told him I was sincere. We hung out a lot more and got to know each other, were together for 5 Years, when he got a good job and a place we got married. That was 10 years ago. I’ve spent half my life with him thus far and plan to be until we ded.

19. She Sang For Him

Welp my boyfriend and I went to his fraternity semiformal together before we were dating and he drank too much. When we got to the dance, he sat in a chair and almost fell asleep. I was scared his brothers would mess with him (as they do) so I found an employee at the venue and asked if there was an empty room for him to lay his head down in. The employee let me to a beautiful room with a big couch, crystal chandelier and grand piano. I laid him down on the couch and was going to go to the dance but I was too worried he would get sick, or someone would find him and mess with him. So I sat at the piano, played, and sang. A few songs in, he sat up and told me I had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard and he wanted to be with me for a long time. I just sort of smiled and thought he wouldn’t remember. Next morning he was like “Soooooo did you ever respond to my question?”

2.5 years later and he still makes me sing for him.

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