21 Hopeful ‘How We Met’ Tales To Read When You Feel Like Giving Up

11. Busted

First noticed her when she was moving some boxes at work. Thought she had a very nice ass. Later we would chat at work and I thought she was smart as hell. Female co-worker later came up to me and told me if I didn’t ask her out she (co-worker) would kick my ass.

Asked her out for lunch at work while she was in the file room alone. She played it cool and agreed but seemed nonchalant about it. Went out of the file room to talk with another female co-worker and saw her jumping up and down. She then turned and saw me through the window noticing her reaction. She turned beat red and slunk down out of sight.

Been married for over seven years now and two great kids. She is my better half in so many ways. :D

12. Sooooo Much Anticipation

After knowing each other for a year, and talking daily for three months, I went to her house for a movie marathon.

Now I had only dated one other time, so I wasn’t good at picking up on signals, and she had never dated, or even flirted before, so she wasn’t good at “giving” signals. Basically, we both liked each other, but weren’t sure about the other, and decided that we were going to gather up the courage to ask each other out once the movie was over. (Unbeknownst to the other, of course)

Then the movie ended, and we both chickened out. Pop in another movie.

Still too scared to ask after that movie ends. Pop in another one.

Five movies later, it’s 3AM, and we’re staring at the blue screen on the tv making idle chit chat about Jumanji, which we had just watched. Finally, I decided that I needed to nut up or shut up.

So we’re laying on opposite ends of the couch, feet touching. And I look up at the ceiling, and ask if it’d be crossing the line to ask if she’d ever considered us dating. She looked right at me, and said “I’d love to date you!”

We then sat there in palpable relief stroking each other’s arms and smiling. We’ve spoken to each other every single day since October 2013, and our second anniversary is in just a couple of weeks.

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