21 Hopeful ‘How We Met’ Tales To Read When You Feel Like Giving Up

7. The Wingmom

My mom asked her out without telling me because, in her words, “Wow, she’s got a great ass!”

Yes, my mother approached a stranger and told her she should date her son. Then showed her pictures of me, told her nice things about me, and led her straight to my FB page on the girl’s phone. Girl friend requests me, we start talking, and 3 days later we’re dating.

8. Game Night

I made up a ‘game night’ that me and my friends have so that we’d have a good reason to hang out on a Tuesday Night. Then scrambled to put together said game night once she said yes. Getting married this spring.

9. Breaking A Cold Spell

We worked at the same company, and had been spending a stupid amount of time chatting on the internal instant messaging system.

I saw her in the parking lot while leaving one day, and on impulse, I asked her to lunch the next day. This was major for me, as had been serially single for a very long time, and hadn’t been on a date in years.

Married 6 years now.

10. On The Train

Met my now wife at a train station in London when we both missed the same train, we took the next train and talked for a while before she got off a few stops before mine in Portsmouth. That was 8 years ago :) Come to think of it at least 2 prior relationships came from speaking to women on train platforms.

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