21 Hopeful ‘How We Met’ Tales To Read When You Feel Like Giving Up

5. Head. Over. Heels.

He was the one to ask me out, but I approached him. We were both at a John Steinbeck event at a Half-Priced Books and they had a quiz from which you could win a book if you got all the questions right. I had just happened upon the event accidentally, but Steinbeck is my dad’s favorite author so I wanted that book. Unfortunately I hadn’t read many Steinbeck books myself so I had no idea what was going on in that quiz, but cutie by the counter seemed to know what he was doing so I sidled up to him. He ended up focusing so much on my quiz that he forgot about his own and won the book for me.

A couple days later, my air conditioner broke (Texas in June) and while texting, I was complaining about being hot. He ended up bringing me a spare AC unit he had in his garage to use until the maintenance man could come out, as well as a bottle of wine and ice cream. Then he took a look at my AC and fixed it himself. We spent the rest of the day and the evening together and by the time he left late that night after introducing me to The Shawshank Redemption, I was head over heels.

6. It All Started With Being Embarrassed

Well I met my fiancée at just the right time. We both just ended horrible relationships and wasn’t really looking for anything. Here is the story though:

My best friend was dating her best friend and he asked if I wanted to go swimming. Of course I said yes, and I assumed it was just going to be him and his girl at the time. I thought it would be funny if I wore my dad’s short shorts swim trunks from the 80’s. Like I’m talking, Willy was close to being free in those bad boys, short. So I get to his house then bam there is another girl there. So now I’m here with this super gorgeous girl that I have never met and I’m in the shortest shorts I could find.

I did what any man would do and acted like everything was total normal and strutted myself to the diving board with full intentions of pulling a double gainer (former gymnast). However I slipped and fell off the end of the board. Then we all played basketball and I guarded her to make small competitive talk, then we went bowling. I tried to tie her shoes for her to be a gentleman and broke her shoe lace. We then agreed that the shoe lace would only be okay if we went on a date.

Now here we are 3 years down the road and we are planning our wedding. Somehow all of it turned out okay even with an embarrassing start.

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