15 Horror Stories About Using Synthetic Drugs (‘Your Life WILL Be Ruined From This $h*t’)

via Flickr - Paul Hessell
via Flickr – Paul Hessell

1. I Questioned My Sense Of Reality

I was smoking spice at my buddy’s house back in High School after one school day and I hit this spice, looked around for 15 seconds or so, then proceeded to freak-out and question my sense of reality. Once it kicked in, it felt that my entire existence had only ever been smoking spice with my best friend; my family, friends outside of this one, school and everything else in the world felt like it was all a farce and nothing was real besides this endless cycle of getting high on spice over and over again. Fortunately it wore off after a few minutes of panicking, making a scene, and wondering if I should run into traffic to end this nightmare, all while my buddy had been laughing at my antics. Spice is so fucked man, but hey it’s what is created when people aren’t allowed the real stuff.

2. Passed Out For 45 Minutes

Took 2 hit’s of Scooby Snax about 4 years ago. Laughed for about 30 seconds until I passed out and was non responsive for at least 45 minutes. Non responsive to nut shots, cold water to the face, people screaming. Felt like I was dead. Don’t do it. Smoke weed. Your life WILL be ruined from this shit.

3. We Almost Killed My Friend

So many spice stories, but this is the one that made me quit.

Started out typical, three of us including myself had like 2G’s and rolled them into fat j’s, and after smoking one or two, one of our friends who hadn’t smoked synthetic before said they were “just too high” and had to go back home to sleep. Whatever, more for the two of us. We proceeded to walk around exploring, and stopped to smoke behind this hilltop warehouse overlooking a huge forest. After a couple more j’s I had completely lost all sense of location, equivalent to a good dose of acid. I knew i was still in the same state (US), but it didn’t believe I was really there. My sense of time was so fucked I kept debating with myself thinking that enough time had passed and that we’d walked far enough to get out of the state, then I started thinking that this was all in my imagination and that I did something I couldn’t remember to get me so far away, like jump on a truck or cab or something. I legitimately could not conceive the fact that I was still in the same state, and I felt like I couldn’t trust myself or my memory to decipher the events that lead me to this strange land. I kept asking my friend questions but they came out so ridiculous and nonsensical (kinda like acid), not that it mattered anyway cause my friend kept repeating the phrase “I don’t even know anymore” while making sudden, seemingly-random and kinda violent head jerks looking one way or another. Anyway, eventually we came down a bit (I have no idea how long we were there) and headed home.

But what happened next is what made me stop synthetic. On the way back we ran into a friend who was coming home drunk from a party. We had one last J, so we offered to smoke with him. We did, and a few moments later he just fell on the ground and started seizing, spitting, and making the most horrifying sounds, like he was violently exhaling air in severe pain. We panicked so hard. We didn’t know if we should hold him down or what the procedure was. We immediately threw out the option of calling 911 because in our minds he was already dead and that we would be charged with manslaughter or third degree murder or something. I kept shaking him in pure desperation trying to wake him up while my friend started digging a hole to bury our spice bags and all the other evidence. Stupidly, I had the bright idea to throw him into the nearby river (I thought the cold water would snap him awake or something), but right as we were grabbing his hands and feet he slowly came back to reality and started ranting like a prophet about the dream world he went to and all the beautiful lights that were there. Apparently he had a really enjoyable experience and joked about it afterwards, completely unaware how close we were to accidentally killing him.

Fuck synthetic.

4. He Was Shaking Intensely

I never had spice or anything, just AB-FUBINACA dissolved into an ecig liquid.

No horror stories. Only really chill nights. Except once, where a friend took a few hits, was fine, and 20 minutes later was acting really odd. Standing in a corner, shaking, holding his hands together looking a bit afraid. I caught on really quickly (no one else noticed, no one else was on it but us too), and asked him if he was okay. His speech was super fragmented and breathy. I told him to come with me and he grabbed my hand, and I took him into his room.

He was shaking pretty intensely, and had some low-level word salad. I gave him some water and had him lay down. When I came back, he grabbed my hand and whimpered a little bit, wanting me just to hold him. And I did. Kept telling him he’d be okay, and that he shouldn’t fight the drug. He got up and grabbed a pencil and sketchbook and started doing some really impressive doodling, while still in that weird state.

Twenty minutes later he snapped out of it. I had him lay down for a while and he ended up falling asleep.

That’s literally my only negative encounter with a synthetic cannabinoid. He does this with normal weed sometimes, too, I’ve come to find out. Can’t figure out why he keeps smoking when he gets really anxious all the time. Sorry it’s so boring.

5. Shat My Pants

I took a fat rip off a bong, my mind felt like it was spiraling into oblivion. Then I woke up 6 hours or so later and I had shit myself and bit my tongue, don’t remember anything but there was dried blood in my mouth and my tongue was sore and I had shit in my pants. Thank god I was home alone.

6. Insanely Dangerous

Spice is so fucking scary. I live in Sweden and here, weed is very illegal. Almost all of my friends have been busted for it by cops, it’s crazy how much effort they put into it. So because of that there was a HUGE spice epidemic about a year to six months ago. I’ve smoked spice in periods, dating about two years back (not anymore though). I’ve had to friends become insanely addicted, smoking up to five grams a day. One of them would literally be woken up every few hours because of his addiction, smoke and then pass out again. Another friend has passed out and his heart quit beating for a minute. Now I simply don’t touch that shit, no matter the circumstances.

7. Desperate Laughter, Not Fun

A few years ago my cousin and I smoke a bowl of spice called “space” and as soon as it hit we just couldn’t stop laughing, but it wasn’t like being stoned, where you’re giggling and things are actually funny, it was like a desperate laugh without feeling that and we couldn’t stop. The floor looked very far away, like I was looking backwards through low intensity binoculars and my cousin was having similar difficulty. She went to brush her teeth and just stood in front of the mirror with the brush in her mouth for a while and then put it away. When her little sister came to ask us what was up (because we decided to try to sleep) I saw her (laying down) grab her little sister by the collar of her shirt (not violently or anything, just like “I’m out of it and trying to be serious) and just said “you don’t understand, I HAVE to sleep!” Apparently I talked to her too. There were other weird visual things going on, but were too odd to figure out, like mid doses of LSD where it’s hard to think through what you’re seeing. (confusion ugh).

8. They Were Lucky To Be Alive

I used to make blends when I was on probation, jobs and things of the sort that possibly require drug test. I know I’ve made pounds of the stuff and occasionally my apartment looked like a drug lab. This is after I quit making blends though I just realized……

ANYWAYS! I quit making blends, because what’s the point when I can just dip my cigarette in the bag and blaze in front of the movie theater.
I let my friends use as well, with my supervision. One day a friend of mine wanted some and was with a girl he was wanting to bang so I sent him off with ~200mg of AKB-48. Everything went good with him and her so I thought cool.

Flash forward a week I hear about what this fucker did. He smoked it with the chick and used the way of dosing I showed him. Good. But when he got home and a few people where gonna smoke a blunt there (weed) he said he would roll it. He laced all the shit that was left. IN THE ONE BLUNT AND DID NOT TELL ANY OTHER SMOKERS HE LACED IT!!!

So they are lucky to be alive. Really lucky they didn’t have to call an ambulance. About 4 of them were having the same go crazy and bang your head on the wall screaming crazy stereotype.

Needless to say I don’t give potent drugs to people unless I’m the one that administers it. I don’t smoke synthetic noids anymore either so that too.

9. Passed Out, Missed An Entire Concert

I tried it a few time back in college and I passed out every time!!! So I was like fuck it, I’d rather smoke real weed and piss dirty. Anyways, fast forward about 2 years. I took my brother to Chance the Rapper for his 20th bday. The lights went out, everyone sparked up their spliffs and started passing them around. Well about the 3rd song or so, I started having a very very familiar feeling and it was not me being stoned… It started out with me getting very hot, sweating like crazy and then I started to get tunnel vision and my eyesight was getting smaller and smaller and smaller until I passed out… Woke up just in time for his last song but my brother had to drive home from his bday present. I felt like the worst brother ever. :(

10. Brain Dead

First time I tried it I had no idea how much to take, torched a bowl on my own and 30 seconds later I couldn’t walk, so I crawled into the house while my friends had no idea how to handle it. I didn’t pass out, but I was pretty much brain dead for about 25 minutes. When I came to I was fine.

Young and stupid is the message of that one, I think we had akb48 at the time, obviously we had a mixture rather than pure chemical.

11. Happy Endings

I don’t think i’ve ever read a spice story with a happy ending.

12. 0/10, Would Not Recommend

Ran out of weed, SO decides we might as well try out some ‘Black Mamba’. I’m unsure exactly what the cannabinoid content was but it was around 2011 so I believe many JWHs were still around. Now we both smoked weed daily at the time, at least 4 or 5 spliffs an evening a piece. We shared two spliffs of that stuff with about a 25:75 mix of synth:tobacco. Usually we go for 50:50 with weed but wanted to be careful. We spent the rest of the night and early into the morning lying in bed, grasping each others hands and staring up at the ceiling unable to communicate or really do much in the way of movement. Both had a wicked hangover the next day, as if we’d binged on alcohol but without the nausea.

0/10 would not recommend. Not much cheaper than actual weed either, just much easier to find.

I experienced some mild visual hallucinations, it felt like either the ceiling was expanding or I was somehow simultaneously shrinking and sinking into the bed. To be honest I was mostly just catatonic though.

13. Anacondas On The Floor

I smoked “cloud nine extra strength” and it didn’t really hit me until 10 min later I turned around and the middle of my vision kinda twisted into a spiral. Then I got up and had an intense paranoia that there were anacondas on the floor and that I was stepping on them. Strange stuff. Would maybe try it one more time, maybe a different brand.

14. A Girl Had To Get Her Stomach Pumped

Two guys I know smoked what I believe is called Black Mamba. They bugged out, one was in the corner of a room rocking back and forth the other was whispering to himself walking around the room, both of them out for a couple of hours.

The fucked up thing, some girls took another brand and one of them had to get their stomach pumped. The girls then wanted to get rid of the packet and gave it to nonetheless, the two guys…

15. I Thought I Was Going To Die

Last year, I was in London and a shop owner convinced me to buy some. It was JWH-018 btw. He told me to smoke less of it than weed, so I did. A gram lasted me about a month of daily use (some days I had it multiple times). I personally didn’t find anything too wrong with it except one time when I didn’t smoke enough, so I smoked again within an hour. I didn’t pass out or anything, but I thought I was going to die. I feel like the effects are exponential based on how much you take. I never had more than 50 mg at a time though. I prefer real weed because it doesn’t make you as lethargic after the high. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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