18 Times People Couldn’t Help But Laugh At The Most Terrible And Inappropriate Things

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1. She Fell On The Casket

As my father was being buried, a woman fell on the casket and she rolled off onto the ground.

2. He Would Have Loved It

My moment was also at my dad’s funeral. He was a veteran, and the guys folding the flag were about 900 years ago and they just looked ready to keel over and die themselves. My mom and I started murmuring about it and next thing you know we’re both covering up giggles with tissues and sniffling. In the end, we knew dad would have been amused as well, but there was still the thought of “oh god, I’m laughing at my father’s funeral…”

3. A Serious Dietary Issue

I was watching the Broadway performance of The Addams Family and there’s this one scene where the whole family is sitting at a table and the grandma farted. I don’t know if it was part of the script or not but the girl who was playing Wednesday completely lost it.

She was trying hard to control her laughter but the audience would start laughing when she got it together and she would laugh again. This happened thrice and when she finally got herself to make Wednesday’s typical grim face, the grandma farted again. The whole cast and audience was laughing their heads off. It was glorious!

4. ‘The Sound of Africa’

I am an actor and I was in a play where I was in a scene with two other guys and one of them had the line “Ah yes, the sound of Africa.” One show the dude rips an uberloud fart and then said this line. We totally lost it and so did the audience.

5. The Best Send-Off Ever

At my grandfather’s burial my dementia addled grandmother asked who was being buried, my aunt said “your husband”, my grandmother responded “god dammit.”

Everyone laughed. It was later agreed that it was the best send-off we could have given him.

6. Sunglasses On A Corpse

My little cousin put pink flower studded sunglasses on my uncles corpse at his funeral, she was walking around unattended. I was the only one that saw this, because my grandma was giving a speech. I could have snuck up there to remove them, but I didn’t want to interrupt and I thought that shit was hilarious, as my uncle would have. Anyways, I’m already trying to keep a straight face when my grandma says “he looks at peaceful today as he was when he was alive.”

I fucking lost it, I ran into the parking lot nearly crying with laughter.

7. “I Looked Like A Monster”

Years ago when I was in CVS waiting in line a ballon being over filled popped. An old man grab his chest and yelled, “I’ve been shot!”. I swear till this day he was joking but everyone in the store was truly concerned. I looked like a monster.

8. The Wedding Metaphor

Attended a wedding where the groom was in a wheelchair.

The celebrant kept on using hilariously uncomfortable phrases like ‘as you stand before one another’…’and walk down this path together’…’may each step you take’…it was obviously metaphorical but good Lord I could not contain myself. I was physically shaking in my pew trying to remain quiet.
‘can we all stand for the entrance of the bride’ was a particularly uncomfortable one.

9. Laughing At The Idea Of Drowning Children

Watching a film in psychology class in college. It’s talking about this example family who seem really happy until it gets to a part where the narrator says “she seemed like a perfect mother, until she drowned all her children in the bathtub.”

I mean, she was in a psychiatric documentary, so I knew something was gonna happen, but the juxtaposition was so jarring I just busted out laughing. I got a lot of ugly looks in that class.

10. Cracking Up In Birthing Class

Something similar when I was in a birthing class with my wife with maybe about 5 other couples also expecting. In one of the videos during the presentation was about a stage of labor which is quite painful, they showed real life video of women who went through labor without any anesthesia so all natural. There was this one women they showed who had the most uncomfortable faces, I just lost it. I tried so hard to stop but I just couldn’t laugh at that woman’s face, in hindsight I should’ve just walked out. My wife was laughing too so we looked like some immature kids laughing at something birth related. Most people had definitely missed the woman’s face because later they were going through all the stages again and had her face up on the screen for like 5 good minutes. Everyone then caught on at what I was laughing at and they couldn’t hold it either.

The lady/nurse leading the class didn’t seem to care nor find anything funny.

11. The Ill-Timed Ringtone

A friend of mine was at a funeral last year with his dad. The dad is a fan of classic rock, so much so he made a song his ringtone. Forgetting to turn his phone off he received a phone call during a silent prayer, blasting ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ by Blue Oyster Cult. In a panic he reaches for his phone to silence it and drops it near the feet of the Rabbi performing the service. My friend could barely contain his laughter but passed it off as tears of sad.

12. The Rectal Exam

In medical school, we had simulated patients (paid people) to help us learn invasive medical procedures. For the rectal exam, five of us medical students sat in a semicircle around two dudes in a small room. I remember one was very short wearing nothing but cowboy boots and a hospital gown. Both of them were standing, we were all sitting. Then, they opened their gowns and were fully naked in order to “get us used to sensitive body regions”, and lectured us about medical stuff for maybe 15 minutes. The whole time I was eye level with short naked cowboy boot’s dick and balls. His testicles constantly rose and fell as his scrotum adjusted to the room temperature. After a while I had to excuse myself. Very immature I know. But I was eye level with his dick and balls and had to watch them dance.

13. Two Dead Grandmothers

At my Grandmoms funeral, the priest BEGAN his story in an almost Reverand Lovejoy, long, drawn out “everyonnnnneee diesssssssss evennnntuuualllllyyyyyyyy.”

I laughed so hard that I farted, had to leave.

Also, at my OTHER Grandmom’s funeral, my dad’s mom, who my mom never got along well with, when the priest asked all the kids and SOs to go to the back room to say their final goodbye, my mom, in front of everyone, was like “No, I’ll pass”

I also had to leave from laughter.

14. Cheesy Wedding Vows

At my brother’s first wedding I was a groomsman and while they were saying their vows, some really cheesy shit to be honest, one of the other groomsmen leaned over to me and said, “this is so gay I’m surprised it’s legal.”

And I started laughing. Not really out loud. It was a struggle but everyone saw me laughing and my bro’s ex-wife was PISSED.

Before anything about the other groomsman being a bigot or anything stupid like that; he was making a joke.

15. The Worst Case Of The Giggles

Back when I was about 17, a bunch of friends and I had smoked a ton of pot and we were chilling in a fast food place when all of a sudden I got the worst fit of the giggles I’d ever had and then in walks a bus full of people with Down’s syndrome and then everybody was looking over thinking I was laughing at those poor people.

16. The Domestic Violence Seminar

A domestic violence seminar in high school. One student asked who he should call if one parent was abusing another. My buddy said ‘Ghostbusters!’

He was ejected for saying it, I was ejected for laughing.

17. “He Told Me To Keep The Change”

Ok so let me start off with I’m a pharmacist. I’ve been working in a pharmacy for over 10 years. I have had patients come to me with every embarrassing question, a line of people to get Plan B on Saturdays/Sundays (yes, even flight attendants in uniform), and basically anything else you can possibly imagine.

But this ONE time I couldn’t hold back my laugh was when these 2 girls came in for Plan B. It started off 2 girls maybe 18-20 (because they only come in pairs for emotional support I guess) and everything was normal till the payment. I told her $49.99 and the one girl pulls out four $20s. Her friend remarks “Wow! He gave you a lot.” The girl then replies with this look of shame on her face and in one of the most depressing tones I’ve ever heard, “Yeah….. and he told me to keep the change.” I absolutely lost it. I spun right around and went into the corner where I was crying from laughter. I had to tell my tech that she had to ring her up because I couldn’t finish the transaction. I am very professional and for some reason I lost it, I was just not ready to hear that without her losing a beat. To this day that’s the only time I ever laughed at something inappropriate at work.

18. This One Is Just The Worst

Oh man. So a fairly popular, gorgeous girl at my high school died in a car accident. It was very sad, and it really impacted our small town community. We get to the day of the funeral service and everyone is crying and somber, and there’s a slideshow of photos going with “If I die young” playing in the background, very serious business. But then a photo of her as a child playing in the bathtub came up. My friend leans over and says “well at least we finally got to see her tits.” I lost it. He lost it. People hate us now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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