‘She Took My Pants Off And Said *Wow*’ And 19 Other Real Sex Stories To Read In Bed This Weekend


When I was 18 I was at a house with a circle of fracquaintances. Of all the people there, I knew him the least; we had had a few conversations previous, but nothing indicated that he was into me, so to speak.

There was a general “keep up” drinking contest in which I was of course participating, so by my 4th beer inside of an hour and a half (I was about 5’2″, 130lbs. at the time), I was drunk but not too drunk. More like at that wonderfully happy, invincible stage.

I had gone downstairs for a smoke and was climbing a set of stairs to the side room where we were chilling, and he was coming down. We met about halfway, stopped, and just looked at each other.

I said hi.

He said hi.

He slams me into the wall and begins kissing me, forcefully, without any of the sloppy drunkenness or inexperience I had come to expect from my peer group (although he has 3 years on me, so that helped). We run to his room and the door slams behind me. I say something like, “You know I’m not just going to have sex with you,” and he responds with something like, “Oh I know,” and then I’m up against the wall again, wrapping my legs around him (he’s only slightly taller than me and very muscular so we had great angles for all of this), then he threw me on the bed, went down on me while wrapped around my legs so I couldn’t escape, even after I had already cum twice and was kicking like crazy. I sucked his dick to a hardness heretofore unknown to humankind. Then we fucked in multiple positions for the next hour. We were interrupted at some point by people just walking in, but continued regardless, like the troopers we are.

This particular session was my first indication that I wanted to be dominated in bed, that the last thing I wanted was someone tenderly stroking my hair and asking me if I’m okay every 5 seconds. This was hot and spontaneous and just fucking brilliant.


One night my friend and his girlfriend ask me to go bowling one night, I decide to get out of the apartment, and they invited a friend along. It was a friend of the girlfriend’s who wanted to get out of the house too, she was someone I had met I think briefly once before, but only in passing. We all went bowling, and throughout the night I kept finding myself checking out the girl’s ass when she went up there. When she’d come back I’d kinda half assed put my arm on the back of the chair kinda around her but only lightly flirted.

Fast forward to the end of bowling, we all decide to come back to my apartment to watch a movie, my friend and his girlfriend are on one end of the couch, and me and the girl were kinda near the other (not cuddling, or anything). About 20 minutes into the movie I decide what the hell and put my hand on her upper thigh, to which she covers with her hand. At this point there’s insane sparks. About 5 minutes pass and then I just turn to her, she turns to me, and we start making out like teenagers. My friend didn’t notice really, and his girlfriend was all but asleep in his lap. I whispered to the girl “want to move this to my bedroom” to which she stands up and walks right to.

I follow her with about a 5 second lag time, and when I get to the bedroom she’s already laying on her back with her pants off. She asks if I have a condom and it’s on. This girl was the most enthusiastic woman I’ve ever experienced in bed, I was throwing her into all different positions, and she was squealing with delight in every one. What made it extra special is that she was the first girl I had ever been with that had her pubic hair completely waxed, which made going down on her the most pleasurable time I’ve ever had doing that for someone.

Then we turn the tables and she decides to go down on me, which typically isn’t the easiest thing to get me off from, however she was AMAZING, my moans seemed to be a treasure map for her to follow, as she always took my breathing and grunts as cues to what was good, and what was amazing! Then it came time for me to come, at which point I informed her of this(because I had never been with a girl that swallowed before and that’s common courtesy), to my surprise, she doubled her efforts and made me come harder than I had ever come before right into her mouth which she promptly swallowed with pride.

I was astonished at this whole series of events. However while we had been going at it for a good 30-45 minutes including foreplay and penetration, she hadn’t come yet (which she seemed to be ok with). I then asked her if she’s able to come while masturbating, and she said yes. So I grabbed her hand and guided it down to her still wet slit and started helping her rub it slowly, once she started getting a rhythm going I started to also masturbate with her in sync, while also kissing her all over, caressing her magnificent breasts, and occasionally helping her rubbing. After about 5 minutes, we both came with a powerful orgasm at the same time. She turned to me and said “that was fucking hot!” After that both of us just laid there coming down from some of the most unexpected, statically charged sex.

After that night I found out that my friend and his girlfriend had been hearing the girl’s moaning and noises, and felt pretty uncomfortable so they left. To this day, that was the hottest, and best sex of my life. And the sad part is after that night, we never saw each other again although we’re still friends on Facebook.

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