32 People Ask ‘Am I The Only Weirdo That Does This?’

19. Back Stories For Strangers

I use to look at another person from across the street and put my self in his shoes and try to imagine what he’s visually seeing then I move on creating a back story for him, anyone else?

20. Hand Wash Faking

sometimes after i pee, i only pretend to wash my hands. i let the tap run for a few seconds incase anyone is outside the door, judgmentally listening.

21. Stopping Time

Freeze time in church and think about what you would do to people

22. …Cool

I collect masks and sometimes I just wear them around the house or watching TV or whatever.

23. I Assume They Do As Well

I dance around the house when I’m home alone, yelling at the top of my lungs as I merrily go about my business. This can go on for quite some time.

I assume everybody does this.

24. I Would Be The Bravest Person Ever…

I play out in my head that I have an accident and lose my arm or leg or having to us a wheelchair for the rest of my life and I always feel like it could be super awesome and I would handle it like a champ. I know it would be awful but I am weird.

25. Breaking Your Own Heart

I often imagine my husband passing away and I then go through all these scenarios in my head: the funeral, answering questions about him as our two little boys grow up, and how incredibly devastating it would be to spend the rest of my life without him. What always gets me the most is knowing how much he loves his boys, and knowing that if anything happened to him now, they wouldn’t remember him at all. Breaks my heart.

Am I really the only one who does this?

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