32 People Ask ‘Am I The Only Weirdo That Does This?’

13. He’s In There

Try to catch the real me looking at my face in the mirror.

14. An Architect’s Tic

I draw houses with my index finger on random objects.

15. Tooth Clicking To The Beat

I sing a lot while on the long 2hr commute to my job, but sometimes I don’t have the energy, so I gently click my teeth together for the beats.

I also go through phases where I practice holding my breath as long as I can and time myself to see if my lung capacity is actually improving. Problem is, I lose interest after a few days so any real gain is pretty much forgotten and lost before I feel like doing this again. (Not while driving, I might add, this is dangerous)

I try to send silent messages to my cat like ‘look at me’, ‘turn around’ and ‘come here’ but the results are so far, inconclusive. LOL.

16. What If I Could Eat There?

I sometimes google bars/restaurants in other countries and look through their menus and pick out what I would have if I was going there.

17. A Committed Thought Experiment

Evaluate everyone in your age group, and sometimes much older, for even the tiniest of a fraction of a second… as a potential sexual partner. Panromantic here, so I literally mean everyone.

18. Am I Being Spied On?

Anyone else bothered when another person seems to be hanging around doing busy work just to do so? Though secretly you wonder if they are trying to spy on you?

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