32 People Ask ‘Am I The Only Weirdo That Does This?’

8. At Least

Masturbate at least once a day

9. Shadow Jumping

I wonder if anyone else tenses their teeth/jaw in a car while pretending that their car is jumping over the shadows of trees in the road

10. Power Sliding

When I was younger, I’d pretend there was a little guy sliding along the power lines parallel to the road. It was kind of a Mario-ish game in my imagination.

11. Imagine Entire Epics In Bed

Sitting up in bed creating fantasy worlds in your mind for the novels you will never write because you are not a good writer.

12. Vigilante Dreams

Hope someone tries to jump me or assault me, or even try break into my house while I’m there just so I can beat the ever living shit out of them. I don’t go out seeking fights but when I hear local reports about assaults or thefts, I always day dream about if it happened to me what would I do?

Edit: Feel like I should add to this with one of many stories where it turns out I changed my routine and missed out on potentially catching some criminals in the act, although I have tried to intervene a few fights, 2 v 1 fights are never cool and if I was the guy getting ganged up on I’d like to think some stranger would stick their neck out for me. So anyways I work at a personal training studio in town and cause I live out of town I told my boss how if I get drunk on a Saturday night I sometimes come into work and sleep in the office. One time I was going to sleep at work but I decided I’d sleep in my car instead. We got broken into that night. I was slightly disappointed even though who knows what would have happened.

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