29 People Talk About The Most Messed Up Things Their Exes Did When They Broke Up

25. No University For You 

My friends ex girlfriend broke up with him then logged onto his UCAS account and declined all 5 of his university offers so he had to wait another year to attend university and do it all again.

26. No Longer Gay, Immediately Married

First off, this guy broke up with me because he wanted to be straight. Two days later, I had to drive his ass to a con in Oklahoma from Nebraska (prior arrangement. Thought we were friends still). The first day we are there, he says he’s dating a girl. He just met this girl too. Three days later, he asked her to marry him. Can you guess what she said? Yes, the girl said yes. Talk about Turbosexual.

27. Wrong Horse

She got pregnant by a guy with a daughter that is older than her. Then the old man moved into her parents’ house with her. Funny thing is part of the reason we broke up was she “needed someone who could take care of her.” I was in college at the time as well as working, and his 40 something years of life didn’t leave him with enough money to rent an apartment. I’m buying a house in a few months. Wrong horse, sugar.


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