29 People Talk About The Most Messed Up Things Their Exes Did When They Broke Up

18.ย This Seems Like A Good Time To Tell You…

Well, there’s this: She told me of her new boyfriend on the very night my father died.
Does that count?

20 years together, 15 married, gone in a flash.

19. The Pregnancy Faker

When I was about 15 I went out with a girl, same age, from a different school. The relationship was fucked the whole time, very toxic person. Anyway I tried breaking it off multiple times, and I was always faced with the old “well I’ll just kill myself then!”. She used to be a cutter before we got together so part of me thought she probably would try. Not being something I wanted on my conscience I stayed with her for a while. After getting really fed up with the relationship I broke it off for realsies, and she didn’t take it to lightly, told pretty much her whole school that I got her pregnant, that made its way to my school, which made its way to my family. This was crazy, we hadn’t had sex at all and everyone believed her over me! She even tried playing this out for as long as possible, even going as far as giving herself a ‘baby bump’. She was absolutely insane.

EDIT I didn’t really expect to wake up to this sort of response, but hopefully this clears up some of the questions.

I confronted her at her school when she had a bump, I don’t know how the hell she done it, but her little group of friends carried that lie so hard and I copped shit for a few months, as this particular GF was not overly attractive or even a nice person, I was told this by a few people throughout our relationship.

I was never really the kind of guy to chase girls and try to get laid, I was always looking for a friend, long term relationship style. My parents raised me very well to understand what people go through and to look for the person who might be underneath the surface. Very good advice, although this person was Satan wrapped up in a slightly damaged girls body.

In the end my parents obviously took my side, but them confronting me about teenage pregnancy at the age of 15 was frightening, they thought I was just trying to cover it up as I didn’t go to them with the problem first. I ended up calling the girl’s Mum and sat down and had a conversation with her, I’m not sure what she said to her crazy daughter but it seemed to work, she and her mum must of tried a little damage control as suddenly everyone stopped believing the lie.

Other than the meeting with her Mum I had nothing to do with them as soon as the pregnancy rumour was spread, so I don’t know really what happened, I just tried to forget the whole thing and it eventually went away.

My closest ally in this whole thing was actually my school homeroom teacher, he was very empathetic and helped me deal with the issue of her threatening suicide as well as the whole pregnancy, he da real MVP.


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