29 People Talk About The Most Messed Up Things Their Exes Did When They Broke Up

14. ‘Liked’ Every Picture And Post I Made For The Last Year

First he checked himself into the hospital because he was suicidal. Then he had his mother call me and leave me voicemails trying to get me to take him back. He went on all my social media accounts and liked all my pictures and posts from the past year so I blocked him on everything. I ended up having to change my phone number because he constantly calls and texts me begging to take him back, then when I don’t reply he insults me and threatens me. He sent me a box with $400 worth of gifts for my birthday. Yesterday he created a fake account on Pinterest and messaged me 25 times. He’s insane.

15. So Messed Up

Called me at three am so I could hear his three year old crying for me.

16. The Gold-Digging Puppy Thief

Convinced me that we were moving in together so I quit my job. She then proceeded to drain my bank account, steal my puppy, and broke into my place to steal my furniture. According to one of her co-worker’s she had been planning it for over a month. When her friends were disgusted that she would steal someone’s dog, she tried to tell them I starved and beat it. Which her friends came to me about because they knew I’m a gentle guy that could never hurt an animal. Also bonus crazy points for throwing a temper tantrum when I refused to reply to her messages months later.

17. The Career Killer

Withdrew my name from a position I was running for. Somehow he convinced everyone in our mutual organization that I had told him, who they knew I had been in a nasty breakup with, that I didn’t want the position. I hadn’t even spoken to him.


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