29 People Talk About The Most Messed Up Things Their Exes Did When They Broke Up

11. The Begging Control Freak

I am reminded of this: In my late teens I dated a man 10 years my senior. He always kept me on edge. The slightest disagreement and he’d start with “Sigh… I just don’t know if this is going to work if you can’t “. I was fresh out of 10 years of foster care and desperate to belong, to be loved… so I would always take the blame and promise to be good and try to please him. One day, 6 months or so into the relationship we were in the car, he was in a foul mood because it was raining and traffic was horrible (Chicago) and I asked him to pull over at the next available place so I could use the bathroom. He gets mad and starts scolding me and continues to drive past several places I could go in quickly and be done. Well I get upset and he starts his typical manipulative rhetoric “… maybe this isn’t going to work, etc.. I snapped. We were stopped and I just screamed “You’re right! I’m out of here!” And I got out and started walking down the median, crossed traffic and ran to a McDonalds, soaking wet, crying and feeling a rush of freedom. He bugged me for 6 months to get back together. I was so glad I hadn’t yet moved in with him, with my two beloved cats. I don’t know for sure if he would have hurt them or me but his demeanor got really ugly for a while afterwards.

12. Damn, Son!

fucked one of my friends then married my cousin

13. Get Off My Property!

I had an ex show up at my parents house (I was 19 and living with them), demand we work things out. I asked her to leave and she refused. I grabbed my then 11 year old brother, put him in my car and tried to leave. She blocked the drive way with her body, so I had to drive in the yard. She then gets pissed that I’ve left and drives to my mothers place of employment to talk to her about it!!! After my mum told her to leave her work, she shows back up at my house and refuses to leave again. I locked up the house and she sat on the porch swing for 3 hours before my step dad arrived home from work, tossed gas money at her and told her to get the hell off his property.

She was crazy.


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