29 People Talk About The Most Messed Up Things Their Exes Did When They Broke Up

5. She Had To Have Chuckled When She Did This

I found it more hilarious than fucked up, but mine sent me a Happy Mothers Day card because she said I was the biggest motherfucker in the world.

6. A Destroyed Home

Not me but a neighbor.

The couple got divorced and she got the house in the settlement. Only the house and the immediate house lot, not the surrounding land, that went to the husband.

The first thing he did was sell all the lumber off the rest of the land. She went from living in a nice forest to living in a clear cut. He wasn’t done yet! Once the trees were gone he sold off the topsoil, then the gravel under that. By the time he was done her house was on a hill overlooking a barren landscape reminiscent of the lunar surface. This was years ago and the place is still hideous.

Here’s a Google Street View of the house.

via imgur.com
via imgur.com

7. Lied And Said I Cheated

Went to all our mutual friends and told them that I cheated on him and he dumped me for it. Tried to tell my best friend the same thing. Pretty much tried his hardest to turn everyone against me.

All I did was show them the screenshots of his text messages with another girl which were filled with dick pics and plans on meeting up.

Edit: holy crap this blew up. My inbox is going crazy.


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