24 People Talk About Life’s Small Warning Signs That Lead To Bigger Problems Later On

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1. My mistake, your fault

Turning themselves into the victim when they make a mistake.

2. Compromise is for the weak

Refusing to compromise. On anything.

3. Says the abuser

My friend’s stepdad once told me about his philosophy on compromising. Basically, he didn’t believe in it. He believed that compromising meant you were being weak and both people ended up missing out on part of what they wanted. The best course of action, he said, was “persuading” the other person over to your way of thinking.

I put persuading in quotes because it recently came out that he was sexually abusing and manipulating my friend for the majority of her life (and probably her mother as well). His views on compromising did end up being a big warning sign, among many other things.

4. Suicide warning signs

When people all of a sudden start giving away personal items. It’s often a sign that person plans to kill themselves but because their behavior is usually also joyful (because they have a plan) those around them don’t pick up on the troubles.

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