Photos Of This Flying Squirrel Named ‘Goose’ Show Just How Much We All Love Our Very First Pet

Imgurian gdub695 posted this lovely gallery over at to show everyone the story of he and ‘Goose’, his flying squirrel and friend of many years. All credit to gdub695 for sharing he and Goose’s bittersweet story.

This is Goose. We picked up this baby southern flying squirrel four years ago off of the garage floor, barely living.

01 - LEQNO1x

We initially wanted to rehabilitate him and release him back, but he grew on me quickly.

02 - OqU4DtZ

This is the story of my pet through college, as best as I can tell it through what pictures I have.

03 - LB71NIS

He slept in my pockets when he was younger!04 - U6LClHK

He tried milk once.05 - lk1eumQ

So after deciding to keep him, I whipped up this little cage for him.06 - SlP3tWu

He quickly made a giant mess and proceeded to burrow into it.07 - DcfaHbq

08 - My72CBjHe ate a LOT of stuff.

09 - ctYfdJv

Really though.10 - Bbk33eU

Always eating.11 - WHnoAk7

12 - YOXti5d

13 - Whq9Udc

14 - pghN1uF

He liked to climb all over me, especially on the inside of my shirt. Yes that’s me, a year out of high school looking like a baby.15 - HV1iosB

He quickly earned the name “Goose”, being the best wingman anyone could want!16 - Wu0fgDv

I’ve been his tree for the last four years.17 - nsIzwNq

It’s been awesome!18 - wJTVUHA

Most people didn’t believe me when I said I had a pet squirrel. Even less when I said it was a flyer!19 - SOElJKa

Aaaaaand still eating. People food this time.20 - mAZnipr

He kept going behind the couch cushions and popping up in various places.21 - FeAyUYL

I could never imagine such a small thing could have such a huge effect on me.22 - VjrK9Z4

He began to outgrow his custom cage after about a year. So my mom took it upon herself to pick out and buy a flyer cage! Super roomy for activities.23 - Cuim02G

He sat like this the entire time I assembled the new cage, watching.24 - Q3lbPvT

He took to it quickly, but wouldn’t leave the safety of his log for a couple hours.25 - SWrLKy3

I woke him up one morning. Flyers are nocturnal and sleep most of the day. But I couldn’t resist seeing that face sometimes!26 - VTY8Jfe

When my hand got close he would always reach out with his tiny little hands and grab my fingertip, which covered his whole hand.27 - A3ThuEV

This was one time when he fell off of my shoulder and reached out as he fell! luckily I caught him before he hit the ground (not that it would hurt him), but he grabbed my knuckle on the way down.28 - UhlUZh4

Always eating.29 - KlEer6a

After he turned 1, his…manhood really started to show. He loved to sit on the downstairs curtains and watch TV with the family.30 - OMoZPLZ

This little squirrel had more personality than most people I know. Sometimes he would climb off the curtains and dart up the stairs, but stop and look back until I got up to chase him. He would make me get up and chase him up the stairs and down the hall over and over sometimes, like a game he had invented for us to play.31 - SOBMu39

He got into the kitchen cabinet, but we just pulled out the jar he was in, resulting in one of my favorite pictures of him.32 - ULflpKL

The next two were taken on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015. I hadn’t had him out in a while, so decided to hang out with him for a little bit that night. Over the last 4 years I’ve taken hundreds of pictures, videos, snapchats, etc, but this is all i could find of him. I really wish I had more now.33 - o0G1bOf

34 - UbFvpy7

Nothing could have prepared me for what was coming in three days. These next two pictures are not happy at all.35 - SM6myCP

I went to clean his cage on Friday, April 10th and found his lying in the bottom corner of the cage, face down, eyes closed, only barely moving every few seconds, almost rhythmically. We had no clue what was so wrong, so suddenly. We initially thought the cause was calcium deficiency, but after looking over the special flyer food I was giving him, it didn’t appear that his diet lacked in calcium. Coupled with the fact that his diet was virtually unchanged in four years, I can’t say confidently that it was the cause. Maybe he had an illness I didn’t know about, causing him to be abandoned so young. Maybe it was just his time.36 - 0UBSrRz

Goose died around 1:00 AM that morning, on April 11th, 2015 at the age of 4. He slept in this little gourd, his bed that he spent most of his life in. I dug a small hole in the backyard, packed his gourd with the nice, new fluff he loved, and sent him to bed one last time. I’ve had pets die before, but they were all family pets.

This was MY first pet, and this hit me harder than anything before. He was my wingman, and I was his tree. 37 - 5ZmZkYV

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