Meet Setsu-chan, The Cat With The Best “So Ugly It’s Cute” Sleepy Face In The World


Setsu-chan is a cat from Japan that belongs to an illustrator named Mino. Setsu-chan is also on Twitter because Setsu-chan has a skill and that skill is to go from gloriously beautiful snow white cat with piercing blue eyes to mouth agape, tongue out, eyes crossed snore factory every time the sand man strikes.

Behold, Setsu-chan, a new standard in internet cat personalities.

Cat is given title of “Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan”

And here are more pics of this shapeshifting beast in its natural element, Twitter.

Yes, Setsu-chan has a book of photos coming out in Japan and for this we should all be thankful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Twitter

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