15 Very Politically Incorrect Things That Are Also Absolutely True


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1. Asians Are Terrible Drivers?

Our stereotypes have at least a basis in truth.

A few decades back the bad Asian driver was a popular stereotype. And that came from the years before had a wave of Asian immigrants. Many of them came from countries where most people did not drive. So there were a lot of first and second generation Asian drivers out there and their ratio of accidents where higher than average because of that. Hence the stereotype being born.

Today we are on the third, fourth, and fifth generation of those immigrants who have now grown up around cars. Now that ratio of accidents are about the same across the board and, since there is no longer that grain of truth in that particular stereotype, it is dying out. In fact the only times I hear it anymore are from older people who grew up with it. Younger people don’t subscribe to that stereotype because it no longer makes any sense to them.

Now I am not saying that stereotypes are right and true. I am saying there is a grain of truth behind the stereotype that caused it to come about.

2. We Can Breed People And Make Them Awesome

Eugenics works. If we can breed horses to be bigger, we can do the same with people. If we can breed dogs to be smarter, we can do that same to people. You can argue all you want about the moral and social ramifications, but the truth is that people are subject to all the same laws of heredity that animals are.

3. Gun Problem? What Gun Problem?

The rate of homicides involving a firearm decreased by half from 1992 to 2011

4. Religion Is Good For You, Circumcision Is Awful, And Rape Convictions Are Easier Than Believed

I save links to things I find interesting.
Here’s one about Rape convictions. Women are duped into thinking rapes are harder to solve than they are.

There’s a huge health risk with being mixed race, and that’s getting organ transplants apparently.

Religion either is good for the mind/body, or people who are religious are from a healthier (mentally, physically, socially) demographic to begin with. The correlation and causation is hard to gauge, but here are some sources showing positive correlations with religion.

I’ve already posted it, but Circumcision has huge negative effects on a person, and the ‘benefits’ are controversial. Have some studies, the first one in particular, published last year, is one of the most massive.

The idea that men make much more money than women as an unfair advantage may not be as it seems.
Since immigration and integration is becoming controversial in Europe….
Here’s some data on minorities in the UK, who are in fact a disproportionate source of crime.

Similar in Sweden, where immigrants commit a disproportionate amount of crime, mostly those of non-western background. The article is in Swedish but can be translated, but for the most serious crimes the instance among these certain groups is 300-400% higher.

Denmark has a similar problem, but its restrictions on refugees has potentially saved billions. In Denmark immigrants do not necessarily account for a disproportionate number of crimes, only certain immigrants particularly middle eastern. Chinese and Americans actually commit crimes lower than ethnic Danes.

5. The Gender Wage Gap Is Now Pure Fiction

The gender gap for wages is no longer an accurate reflection of systemic discrimination. It is now due primarily to personal choices – women choosing to work part time receiving less pay overall, taking time off to raise children, choosing particular low paying industries, not choosing to pursue higher-level positions with certain characteristics, etc. From the report below: “…the raw wage gap continues to be used in misleading ways to advance public policy agendas without fully explaining the reasons behind the gap.”

Also, not talked about are the other effects of this division of labor. Because of the industry choices men and women make, men may get paid more but make up something like 92% of all workplace deaths, and a similar percentage of workplace suicides.
Source: page 8.

In short – lets stop talking about women being paid less than men. We won that one already.

6. 12% Of The Population Is Responsible For 57% Of All Gun Deaths

Bureau of justice stats here:

Between 1980-2008 blacks accounted for 56.9% of all gun related murders…while being 10-12% of the population. If you were to somehow remove guns from black people gun crime would drop by 50-60% overnight.

7. Americans Live Longer Than Anyone, At Any Time 

I’m probably late to the game, but here’s one. The USA actually has the highest life expectancy once you remove non-natural deaths such as accidents and murders.
Also, I can’t remember where I read this one but I remember it: the US also does not have a higher infant mortality rate, it is because not all countries calculate the statistic the same. In many other countries, babies born before a certain week are not counted in the infant mortality rate, while in the US, all of them are.

8. Sometimes Proof Doesn’t Prove Anything…

Young Male Muslims are more likely to be terrorists than elderly Swedish grandmothers.

Proof: I have been unable to find a single case of a Swedish grandmother hijacking a plan or committing a suicide bombing.

Nevertheless, they all have to take their shoes off in airports.

9. Can’t Turn A Ho Into A House Wife

I’m new to reddit, and I realize the sentiment on here runs VERY against this, but I’ll jump in.

Marrying a promiscuous woman is a poor investment.
Essentially, it boils down to Bateman’s Principle.
Briefly, sperm(male sex) is cheap, eggs(female sex) are expensive. A female with an unrestricted sociosexuality (loosely- promiscuity) is incurring substantial risk due to the cost of the act, the differential investment applied, as well as an increase in disease exposure.

The rebuttal for this is the advancement of technology. We now have birth control, which takes away parental investment, the cost, as well as disease exposure. I agree.
That covers the physical side of things. In the modern day, slut-shaming occurs due to the psychological side of things.

Kahn and London, 1991 and more recently Teachman, 2003 as well as others have demonstrated that women who have an unrestricted sociosexuality are more likely to be involved in marriages that divorce and extra-pair fertilizations (cheating). No similar robust correlation exists for men. Evolutionary psychologists have hypothesized that this may be due to a release of Oxytocin, which facilitates pair bonding with the previous men(decreasing the value of current commitment) due to the aforementioned differential parental investment.

Furthermore, Agostinelli, 1994 has linked an unrestricted sociosexuality with poor impulse control as well as risky decision making. Additionally, Ramrakha, 2013 has found a strong correlation between drug use in women who have an unrestricted sociosexuality, which has a substantially weaker effect for men.

This psychological and biological landscape paints a picture wherein having many sexual partners leads to poor impulse control and risky decision making for both genders, and in women, correlates with drug use, dissolved marriages and cheating to a much stronger degree.

When considering the divorce, alimony, child-custody, child-support and domestic abuse laws that govern most first world countries. This makes choosing a woman who has an unrestricted sociosexuality a poor investment for your future.

10. It’s True, Most Black People Actually Cannot Swim

ummmm most black people in the us (70%) can’t swim. Looked this up after I saw that story about about all those people in Louisiana who drowned trying to save that little girl and was very surprised.

11. Wrap It Up, Guys

If you have unprotected heterosexual sex with a HIV-infected woman (that is, insertive penile-vaginal intercourse), there is only a 1 in 2000 chance that the disease will be transmitted. Vice verse, it is still only a 1 in 1000 chance. For receptive anal intercourse, the risk jumps to 1 in 200.

I consider it controversial firstly because the transmission rate is surprisingly low generally, and extremely low (in comparison to general expectations) for heterosexual sex.

12. Availability Of Abortion Lowers The Crime Rate 

Yes. The cause of the sudden windfall reduction of crime in NYC in the late 90s was not due to better policing or a better economy or anything like that, but because 15-30 years ago abortions had a windfall increase. This is also largely based on the finding that unwanted children are more likely to become criminals.

13. More Cushion For The Pushin

I did a report on how the perceived “ideal” body differed through American cultures. Long story short, black and Latino men prefer their chicks at least 2-3 dress sizes larger than Caucasian preferences.

14. A Double Helping Of Health Care Costs

Getting rid of all the obese people in the US could save over 21% of their healthcare budget.

Edit : great my most upvoted comment is about eugenics (somewhat…) sorry guys.

15. Children Of Married Parents ALWAYS Do Better

That children with parents who are MARRIED, are better off emotionally, financially, and health wise that any other type of parent relationships. That includes families in loving cohabitation for 50 years, homosexual marriages and multiple other family situations. I wrote a paper on in a couple years ago. But I was so surprised that maybe that “piece of paper” actually has an effect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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