Disney Movie IRL, This Housecat Has Moved In With A Wild Lynx At A Russian Zoo

In a series of events that sound more like a Disney plot than they do a thing that could actually happen in the world, a homeless housecat has moved into a St. Petersburg zoo with a wild European Lynx. The Lynx was the only one of its kind in its zoo enclosure when a common housecat, apparently looking for food, somehow wandered into its cage. In nature, Lynx have been known to kill housecats because they view them as competition for food but in this case the Lynx and the housecat took to each other immediately. The new companion made the Lynx so happy that the zoo has allowed his new housecat friend to stay. The two are now inseparable and getting along fine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Joachim S. Müller

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