You’ve Gotta See These Full Grown Big Cats Chowing Down On People Food

We all know that big cats, even rescued big cats, will eat people but what about people food?

First there’s the watermelon test, a Spring time must!

Destroy and enjoy!

Then there’s the pumpkin test which proves cats love pumpkins more than anything.

Blindsided Pumpkin in its death throes.

But do they also love marmite which is a British spread made of brewer’s yeast and which even a great deal of actual British people hate?

They hate it. Oh God do they hate it. But the reactions are priceless.

Okay, not people food but still. We all want to know. Catnip?

Most favoritest thing ever!!!

Also, this male lion is absolutely in love with this female white tiger. He chases her all over the place in every video they’re in together.

Love knows no boundaries! Via YouTube

If you loved these videos as much as I did then head on over to Big Cat Rescue‘s YouTube channel. There’s plenty more wild cat action over there and it looks like they do good work too! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – YouTube

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