New York And California Are Boring But Idaho Rocks; IMDB Ranks Top Movie For Each State

The below maps were created by Reddit user Jakubisko and used with his personal permission. Thanks, man. Love these.

These are the favorite movies of each state regarding movies filmed in each state. A little upset that “Oklahoma” wasn’t Oklahoma’s favorite…Californians get roundly condemned by me for choosing “Pulp Fiction” as favorite out of every film that’s ever been made in California…Idaho gets high fives for choosing “My Own Private Idaho” as a fav….Tennessee gets intellectual/historical props for preferring “Inherit the Wind” and New York State gets sentenced to summary execution for preferring “The Godfather” over all other films made there. No, I know it’s a great movie, but seriously, that’s fucking bush league.

enormously larger

And for a bonus of bonuses here’s a map of Oscar winners by state of birth. Man, every place but New York and California suck, eh? Almost like, those city rednecks don’t like people who “aren’t from around here.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

bigger, but not enormously so

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