Urban Dog Hunting: Why Everything Cats Can Do Dogs Can Do Better

Cats are the urban hunters we’re all familiar with. We’ve all seen the back alley ones leaping out from under a dumpster or out of a doorway only to flash across the concrete towards something unseen and very likely to soon be deceased. But in NYC some people are taking back the hunter moniker and placing it where it truly belongs, with the doge, er dog.

It’s easy to forget that all the little yappy, seemingly useless dogs that people have as “lap dogs” aren’t actually lap dogs at all. They’re hunting dogs bred to hunt and kill small game. Returning to their element it looks like they couldn’t be happier. Behold, New Yorkers hunting rats, the big brown ones, with dogs in packs (henceforth known as pakadoge).

And they’ve organized into actual groups such as the Ryders Alley Trencher Fed Society seen here.

Cutting down on the amount of vermin in the city actually is a public service and it looks like people are also enjoying what’s really an incredibly old pastime. The real question then is how long before Brooklyn’s hipsters discover this and completely ruin it for everyone else thereby dooming the city to be overrun by noxious rodents. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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