The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

23. Woman Dressed As Present

As a real man. I expect my wife to buy the sluttiest most sexy lingerie that I get to open christmas eve and wake up to on my floor christmas day. That is all. Anything that stimulates my penis.


24. A Handmade Quilt? God Yes

I was thinking about making my boyfriend a quilt for his bed so he’s not so cold during the winter. is that a bad idea ?

David DeHetre –

25. Flashlights and Scotch For All

As a woman trolling this thread for gift ideas for the men in my life…you guys suck! “For the love of pete, don’t buy undergarments” “I love a nice new pair of socks” “Anything with voltage” “Any electronic gadget for under $1000 I already have” “cologne” “are you saying I stink?” “Chainsaw!” “God I hope it’s not a chainsaw!” No concensus whatsoever. That’s it! Everyone’s getting flashlights and scotch.

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