31 Stories About Deaf People Regaining Their Hearing That Will Stun And Inspire You

24. The joy of the switch

I was born hearing impaired, but my disability was not discovered until halfway through kindergarten. The first time I had a hearing aid on was INSANE! My mom said that when we stopped by the mall later for ice cream I stared at women’s shoes. I liked the clacking sound they made on the linoleum. When we returned home I discovered that light switches made a click sound. I turned the light on and off until I fell asleep from exhaustion.

25. Appreciate what you’ve got

Was basically born with my ears clogged by some kind of fluid, or so i was told, so while i was around 2 (i was already walking and talking pretty well by then), they got me to an operation to fix it. I had temporary ear grommets (little tubes that are punched through your ear drums to drain fluids) put into my ears and all the fluids and ear-gunk I had up in there got sucked out. I had very bad ear pain and was basically almost deaf until then and I guess they decided I was too young for an operation until I was 2, and it would screw up my ear canals or something like that. So when I came to and walked out of the place with my mom and dad the first sound I remember hearing was a car go by and it scared the living FUCK out of me. It was so loud and hi-def compared to what I was used to from before the operation. I remember the first plane I heard sounded like the end of the world. My mom remembers how afraid I was and still feels sorry for me but if it wasn’t for that operation I wouldn’t grow into the sound-appreciating man I am now.

Be glad that you can hear well and make sure not to listen to speakers or headphones too loud as hearing damage builds up over time and is permanent. Keep your ears safe.

26. I Love You

I lost hearing at age 21. Was given an implant at age 27. The last voice I heard was my fiances and the first voice I heard six years later was my husband’s saying I love you. I hyper ventilated, cried and laughed. Ingrid Bergman said a kiss is nature’s tri k when words become superfluous, but I couldn’t get enough of those 3 words. I know it’s not the same as having been deaf since birth, but close.

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