31 Stories About Deaf People Regaining Their Hearing That Will Stun And Inspire You


Finally something for me.

Was born deaf, gained my hearing at age 6. I was confused, I was scared and it’s something you don’t forget. I remember the first time I put on my hearing aids, I probably said what or huh. Because those are my words if I can’t understand anything. I think I was startled and intimidated by hearing voices. I still remember the first time I heard a thunderstorm. I couldn’t leave my parents side. I was mortified, curious, scared all the same time. So many mixed emotion and then seeing my mother almost cry in happiness because I can hear something simple as a thunderstorm.

I’m still discovering new sounds in today’s world as crazy as it sounds. I recently got the state of the art hearing aids and made me hear sounds such as run off water, crickets, and air conditioning. I just got the new hearing aids on and the first thing I hear is this rumbling with my mom and audiologist, confused I said what is it? Mom said what sound Nota_username-? I sounds like rumbling and a small engine like. Mother told me it’s the air conditioner. I looked at the ceiling super confused and was like it’s amazing what these things do to an individual. Was age 18 in the story and now 21, with still a significant hearing loss.

TL/DR: It makes you scared, intimidated and makes you feel like you conquered it. Told an experience with Air conditioning.

22. You heard that?

A friend of mine got a cochlear implant in her mid-20’s. She graduated from my high school where both her parents were teachers and surprisingly never learned sign language, just read lips and spoke, so our whole group was comprised of hearing people and we usually forgot anything was different about her.

Anyway, because she was older when she got it, her progress was pretty slow after the implant. Nothing really changed. Then maybe 6-8 months later, her sister and I were at her apartment drinking and one of us dropped a bottle of liquor and it smashed all over the floor. Amidst our “oh shit, oh shit”‘s we look up to see her sister standing in the doorway of the kitchen. We immediately start apologizing until I register the look on her face and say “Oh my god, you heard that!” Unfortunately, we didn’t have any liquor left to celebrate, but it was awesome.

23. Fuck, again

Both my mother and father lost their hearing very early in life somewhere around 1960. Growing up was quite interesting and we got away with a lot. For example, if we wanted to sneak out of the house in our teenage years we just walked out the door, not worrying about noise being made. There was no need to sneak out of the window. My dad had the implant done when I was about 14 and convinced my mom to have it done when he told her that he could hear the kitchen wall clock tick. My mom was very surprised to learn that toilet paper makes a sound when you tear it. Well, we were shifty 15-16 year old boys playing the N64 when my mom asked us to turn it off and clean our rooms. Being used to saying ANYTHING that we wanted to, I said “Fuck You” after my mom turned around. She stopped, turned and looked at me, and said “No, Fuck You”. I was mortified.

Tldr: I’m an asshole and one of the first things my mom ever heard me say was “Fuck You”

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