31 Stories About Deaf People Regaining Their Hearing That Will Stun And Inspire You

14. The Journey is the main thing

My father was born deaf in 1954. He was premature & his nerves in his ears were not fully developed. He had hearing aids from 3 until age 54. They only did so much for him & he had to pair lip reading with what snippets of sound he would actually hear.

Initially, the cochlear implant he said made him hear beeping noises. He did not know how to describe this new level of sound. My mom sent me a text the first night he claimed to have heard real sound & it was the crickets chirping. He was elated & was like a child on Christmas in the beginning months, because he heard everything differently & more clearly!

He does however still enjoy loud music. More now than before. Journey is his favorite :)

15. Horrifying water

Two stories one happy and the other funny. My nephew is profoundly deaf and has been treated with bilateral cochlear implants that he has had since he was

The second story: my sister got my nephew water proof implants when he was about 5 or 6 and to test them out he wore them in the shower. Just after he got in the shower he came running out of the shower stark naked and screaming about the weird noise the shower was making. It turned out it was just the water. He had never heard it because he always took off his implants before he got into the bathroom to shower.

16. Tests are more horrible than ever

I was born with moderate-severe hearing loss. (cookie bite/severe in mid frequencies – like talk). Not quite the same because I’ve worn hearing aids sine I was 3 and I’ve always heard most sounds.

However, I remember I changed hearing aids to some dope digital ones in high school. My audiologist and I messed around with the settings, trying to optimize them. The next day at school, I could hear the sound of people writing. Like pencils dragging across paper. It fucking sucked and was/is soo annoying. At first it surprised me and I was like whoa. But mins later it was miserable. Taking a test and everyone is rushing through and its just dead silence except scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble scribble

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