31 Stories About Deaf People Regaining Their Hearing That Will Stun And Inspire You

10. Crumpling paper all day

Not my story, but once I met a girl who was partly deaf. When she was around 7 or 8 she got hearing aides (or maybe she got better hearing aides; I can’t remember). Either way, before she got these new hearing aides, she couldn’t hear a lot of little noises. She was amazed to learn that paper and plastic made noise; she went through her house and crumpled or rubbed together all the paper she could find. She said that she was just so amazed that all of these things made noise, and she had never realized it.

11.That makes a sound?!

My sister had hearing aids as a kid but her level of hearing increased dramatically when she got a cochlear implant at the age of six.

She was in the kitchen and farted incredibly loudly. With a look of abject horror she turned to my mother and said ‘IT MAKES A NOISE!?’

So not really the first sound she heard but the first new one. Alright, I cheated, but it’s a great story.

12. Precious water

It was a tap running, my mother was making me a drink. I was 4 at the time and my mother said it was so relieving for me to finally be able to speak and hear things properly

13. The crying cashier

I once went into a burrito shop for an early lunch. As I ordered, I thought the guy at the counter had some sort of speech problem. Them he began to cry. When I asked if he was okay, he told me he’d gotten cochlear implants sometime earlier. My conversation was the first run of the mill conversation he’d had with anyone. We chatted all through lunch and I scored a free burrito. To this day, it’s an awesome memory.

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