31 Stories About Deaf People Regaining Their Hearing That Will Stun And Inspire You

7. Fuck!

Was born deaf due to a problem with what I want to say is something like my ears being closed up, but starting to gain hearing mostly around three. I was to young to remember but my father said he was driving with me and a train was coming and got stuck at the rail got. He was trying to get to the store to get something for my mother that she needed to cool a meal for Grandparents visiting and needed it asap. So when he got stuck he yelled Fuck! Really loud. He says that he noticed me look over at him right then like I heard him. He is convinced that was the first thing I heard. After that he got me a Thomas the train toy and over the years I got many more just because of that incident and I liked trains. 20 years later I still have those train toys

8. Baby cries are LOUD

I don’t mean to be “that person” but not me, a good friend of mine. He became deaf due to abuse when he was a baby. He got the implant when he had children to hear their voices. He has said hearing them laugh makes him so happy. He loves discovering music.

But because he doesn’t know what sounds are, things those of us who can hear ignore like background chatter from cars to utensils clanging startle him. He can get very overwhelmed so he often takes off the ear attachment to just be at peace.

His wife just loves it when he turns it off because the kids are crying.

9. Chasing myself

I was born with moderate hearing loss and got hearing aids at the age of 3. Had hearing aids until the end of my junior year of high school, when I got a cochlear implant.

To compare, With hearing aids in high school I could hear and understand about 15% of what was said, In a quiet room. At the start of my senior year, I could hear 94%!
It never really hit me just how much my hearing had changed until thanksgiving during my senior year. I was walking up the driveway to my uncles place and I heard footsteps, I thought someone was chasing me! After running inside and looking, it hit me those were MY footsteps.

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