31 Stories About Deaf People Regaining Their Hearing That Will Stun And Inspire You

5. Sometimes a clean slate is better

Think of it this way – it sounds creepy/wrong/horrible to us because we know how it’s SUPPOSED to sound like. We can tell it’s distorted and so far from normal because we have something to compare it to.

Someone deaf from birth with a CI won’t have this ability to compare, the sound may be scary at first because it’s a new sensation but the brain just ‘learns’ that ‘this is the way things sound’. And it’s not weird or scary anymore, it’s normal. Even people who are deafened later in life and get a CI report a similar phenomenon – at first it can be quite disturbing since it’s not how they remembered, but once it becomes normal, it’s just the way it is.

6. I woke up and it was just gone

I think I might be able to contribute, even though I’m only deaf in one ear.

When I was 12, I woke up in the morning feeling like my left ear needed to pop, kind of like in an airplane where no amount of gum chewing will actually get it to happen. In any case, it felt as though the pressure increased throughout the day and a constant screeching noise gradually grew louder. Suddenly, it all disappeared at once and I realized I couldn’t hear from my left ear anymore. That’s it. No history of hearing problems or anything. One day it just happened for absolutely no reason at all. In any case, it has persisted to this day (even though they told me it’d come back soon). I gave up hope after a few years.

Since then, I’ve had a ridiculous appreciation for music. I can’t say that I’ve ever gone 30 minutes without music playing (awake or asleep), took on university music classes, and learned how to play numerous instruments. Why? Because someday the hearing in the other ear is probably going to go too, and when it does, I’m going to be able to say I made the most of it.

It’s also not that bad though. I only need one earbud, and so I don’t have to deal with earbud tangles. It also works wonders for my sleep – lay on my good ear and I’m out in seconds for the rest of the night. Finally, if I don’t particularly want to listen to you, you’ll become quite familiar with my left side.

Might not be exactly applicable to the question, but I figure the input might be interesting to some.

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