Father Gets Arrested For Picking Up His Kids From School

Wow, this one’s bewildering. Apparently the father here was arrested because he didn’t want to wait in a mile long line to pick up his kids and then he’s told he has to sign a form to pick them up for 2:45.

What’s up with school security guards making up new laws? Since when is a school policy also a law? TC mark


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    […] Father Gets Arrested For Picking Up His Kids From School | Thought Catalog Ahh, America. You give me so much material for constructive debate. If you don't feel like checking out this video, here's the short version: A school in a small Tennessee county has instituted a rule that has parents line up in their cars in front of the school, where in approx 15 minutes after school is let out, the kids are released to their parents. This however has obviously created a major traffic jam around this time because of all the parents there. The line of cars is roughly a mile long and can last for over an hour after school is let out. One guy, Jim, decided to walk to the school to pick up his kids rather than sit in the mile of traffic. The video shows him getting into a debate with the security officer at the school regarding it, and Jim is ultimately arrested. This guy didn't want to sit in traffic for over an hour, he wanted to just get his kids, and go home. But they wouldn't do that. They said the school policy is that a certain number of kids (or parents) have signed consent that allows the kids to walk home alone. The security officer was actually suggesting that Jim can't come walk his kids home because they have a form saying they can walk alone. His kids are 10-14, and one of them is special needs. Anyone let their 10 year old walk home alone? Anyone? Rent-a-cop gets all fluffed because Jim stays calm and reasonable, and has perfectly valid explanation for everything. He keeps reiterating that he walked there to pick up his kids, and this guy keeps going on about how that's not the school policy. They try to get Jim to sign a consent form regarding the policy, he reads it, says "This says I'm saying they can walk home alone. No, I won't sign that. I'm here, they will be walking with me." But Rent-a-Cop slaps cuffs on this guy. Unbelieveable. I am 100% on the side of this poor guy. I can't believe, with all the concern of abuduction and protection of children that they would have something that says these kids can walk home alone – and even if they do, okay – but for him to be there and them saying they won't release his kids to him, because he's not in a car in a mile long line? Absolute crap. Discuss! ​​ Check out the winner of September's Poetry Comp! http://www.fictionpost.com/f16/septe…et-scam-23153/ Up for a challenge? Join the annual writing movement – NaNoWriMo! http://www.fictionpost.com/f5/nanowrimo-2013-a-23345/   […]

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