Live Commentary On ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ On Gchat At 4AM To A Sleeping Friend

Spoilers ahead
Silver Linings Playbook
Silver Linings Playbook

this movie kind of freaks me out b/c this is what being crazy is like

its not playing by the rules

its not doing “movie crazy”

this is REAL crazy

i am so uncomfortable

its nice to see robert deniro in a good movie again

this is kind of like a garden state fantasy but more real

diner scene i want to eat in a diner so bad

this movie makes me want to be depressed in upstate ny

bwahahhahahhahahah raisin bran hahahahah this is bperfect

i could see this diner sex with women scene as taking place betwene the two main characters in Hackers

feel like the perfect girl for me would be a widow

absurdly needy but also the idea of what you love most having died will always make them keep an intimate distance

feel like if this movie “gets on her case” b/c sex or implies that shes a “dumb ho” then fuck this movie

feel like this guy’s mental illness is “perpetually drunk bro who loves everyone”

this is seriously jersy gstate but real

bwahhahahahahaha she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings which both ive done

this is more real than documentaries

chris tucker how the fuck is this guy in a movie

feel like his brother is joe pesci having crawled inside some other actor’s body

wish conversation had a universal signal or button to press when u want to hear more about a topic w/o having to think of how to ask to hear more about the topic

i dont know how to ask for more information

“id like to hear more about that”

but like… i want the person to feel compelled to tell me, not just like, not tell

fuuuuuuuuck this is dark how her husband died

this movie has mad literary spoiler alerts

would like to see more of those so i have to read less literature

what the hell is chris tucker up to, feel like he wasnt supposed to be in the movie he just showed up on set and did this and they put him in

need to surround myself with people who are smart enough to take care of me without me realizing it

feel upset that i just implied most of my fb friends are idiots

i assume most people like garden state

i spend several minutes every day thinking about how im going to tell facebook that i think tarantino is horrible

also felt very depressed that baz luhrmann has a new movie coming out because he is possibly the worst director on earth

that scene with deniro crying was so touching

feel like sometimes this movie seems like a protracted episode of friends

is the twist ending that this movie is dirty dancing

there should be jeans u can buy with like, a penis painted on them that goes down to the floor

like those aprons with muscles

seems really pleasant to be into sports

shame i never understood them

like any situation that comes up, the correct answer is sports

tbh i want him to fight

no wait i dont

feel like what i contribute to art will be movies that are generally plesant and without drama

feel like that is porn.

“the eagles juju” best line i have seen in a movie in years

again i feel like being a sports fan is foolproof way to not experience social anxiety

whowever this actress is she is like…

imagine indiana jones and indy takes a natalie portman statue off that trap and puts a statue of this chick on its place

or the reverse

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk that was a good scene

i give that scene two bowls of ramen at the same time

immediately need to know if this chick is single but dont know her name

dont wnat to go to wiki

b/c what if spoilers

this scene is ABSURDLY GOOD

this scene is like i accidentally put my hands in a trough of shampoo

this is jennifer lawrence?

saw mad ppl talking about her re: a competition with that other chick that my ex used to see at parties

the one from princess diaries

thought the chick from hunger games was black?

legitimiately, i remember people being mad racist because they cast a black actress and i remember being offended by ppl thinking that, like so fucking what

an added benefit of watching this movie is that i know who jennifer lawrence is

which is good because i feel “full” in regards to knowing who celebrities are

today i thought about making a list of names ive heard that i dont know whehter theyre real people or characters or things ive made up

“akon” would ahve been the first name on that list

did the announcer just say they were from trinidad?

feel like a cool ending for this movie would be: they tell you the scores they get and then you have to average them in your head, which nobody will do so cliffhanger ending

wtf is chris tucker doing there that guy is great

this has a “mighty ducks for grownups” vibe

wait is the twist ending they are all made of legos

unsure what is happening now

feel like this scene is taunting me b/c its so long


what i just saw on screen is literally how i feel every time i hear jazz

that like, sweaty crotch behind spandex while a bunch of touchy old ladies recoil in horror feeling

oh shit here comes the math challenge

like even this weird scene was redeemed by sports

dont want to see him attack his ex wife unless his ex wife says something racist against indians first

whats he telling her

is he telling her his dick is made of legos

those weird foldy legos u always lose

thats where they go

attach to his crotch like that dude with the beard made of magnets

sean connery?

had to rewind to watch the meeting w wife scene again b/c i was thinking about sean connery

i wont publish this in my “article” of this but i just saw an obituary of a young girl but the pic of her is a selfie in the mirror

feel like that took away the thunder of this scene i have to watch it for the third time now.

i feel upset that i ruined the emotional momentum of this film by thinking about sean connery

awwwww this ending


i want the last shot to be a closeup on chris tucker w/ shady eyes

aww it wasnt but i still feel really good Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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