14 Surprising Ways Guys And Girls Can Actually Relate To Each Other

There are certain things that girls do, sometimes guys don’t understand. There are certain things guys do, sometimes girls don’t understand. Here is a list of the things of what most girls and most guys value, and how they can learn to understand each other better.

1. Beards And Nails

Guys grow out their beards, and believe it or not ladies, there is a lot of grooming that goes into having a nice beard. The grooming of a beard involves: trimming, shaping, shaving, washing, and sometimes even dying with hair color. It is a guy thing, which girls don’t get. But it is something that is physically in a man by nature to have facial hair. A man only wants to enhance his true masculinity by sometimes growing out a beard.

Nails for girls are similar as beards are for guys. Girls also grow out their nails for similar reasons. It takes a long time to grow out nails. When nails grow there is also a lot of shaping, clipping, filing, coloring, cleaning, washing, and other things. It all is for keeping nails strong, sturdy, and pretty. If a nail chips or breaks, it means a girl has to start all over, and cut all her nails, so that the one nail that broke can grow at the same time as the other nails. For the men that need help understanding this, imagine a chunk of your beard just gets chopped off. Would you still leave the rest of the beard as is? I hope the answer is no. You would most likely shave it all off, or shape your beard into a goatee or something else. Well, now you might understand a girl when she cries about losing a nail.

2. Ties And Purses

Ties are important for guys to wear, especially when working, going to parties, and or fancy occasions. A guy cannot have just one tie, after a while the tie will get worn out, the color fades, or it can just be too simple for fancier events. Sure you could wear one tie, but eventually you will get bored of it, and perhaps want another color, patter, or design.

Similarly purses are the same for girls as ties are for boys. Having one purse is great, it can work, and it’s cool. But when you use one purse all the time, it gets boring. Of course girls have that one purse that they can use anywhere and wear with almost anything, and it’s great for traveling as well. Same as men have that one tie that they can wear anywhere, as many times, and no one would care or notice. Purses can be expensive, and ties as well. Purses are almost like collectibles, each purse is unique for women, and same as ties for men. I often notice that men will wear ties that match their collared shirts. For instance if a guy is wearing a blue collared shirt, his tie is a shade of blue, a pattern with blue, or a completely different color. Girls also do the same styling with their purses.

3. Beer And Ice Cream

There are girls that love beer. Definitely there are also men, and basically everyone loves ice cream. But the amount of money I have spent on buying and eating ice cream has gotten quite expensive. Guys are very picky about the beer they drink, checking the fizz amount, the stout quality, the taste, etc. Then there is the type of beer, if it is dark beer, light beer, bottled, or canned. A lot of times guys drink beer with almost every meal, and whenever they are watching their favorite movie, TV show, or just hanging out with their buddies.

Similarly girls are the same with ice cream. I buy ice cream every week, sometimes more than once in a week. It is the same as guys buying beer every week. I myself do drink beer, but it’s more of an occasional thing. Ice cream however, I eat even when I don’t crave it. Ice cream feels nice; it’s cold, sweet, and creamy. Just writing about ice cream makes me want it. It is similar to guys wanting a cold, crisp, tangy, and refreshing can or bottle of beer. I usually will have a small bowl (pretty big bowl) of ice cream after dinner or lunch, or both. Sometimes I eat ice cream just because. I usually eat ice cream when I am watching TV. Basically it is like another version of coffee for me. I know that I have some friends that have tubs of ice cream stocked in their fridge. Yes, more than one tub of ice cream, and I thought I was extreme.

4. Sports And Shopping

When the Super Bowl season is occurring, or any sports season is happening in general, most guys get excited about watching sports on TV. A guy will suddenly cook amazing meals just for this event. Suddenly cleaning is essential just for this event, and for once a girl is less important. This is somewhat foreign to most girls. Of course there are girls that watch sports, definitely not me. I never have, never will, and proud of it. But usually most girls I have known don’t care about the Super Bowl. The excitement that guys have for their favorite sports team winning, and the energy, the enthusiasm guys have is definitely amusing. All for a ball being tossed around.

It is the same way when girls get excited about sales at their favorite stores, or a new product from their favorite brand/designer is finally released. Who doesn’t love having new stuff? When a guy’s favorite team wins, it is the same as a girl getting a new purse, or a new outfit. Girls enjoy trying new styles, especially when every year there are new trends to be set. Girls feel alive and enriched being able to splurge and indulge on themselves, and it’s also a nice feeling to pamper oneself. It’s a touch down! I think?

5. TV And Make-Up

You ever hear about guys bragging about the new TV they just bought. Suddenly they express the knowledge they have about HD, plasma, color depth brightness, 1080p, resolution, width and height, and other things about TVs that I don’t know. It is a proud moment for a guy to celebrate his new TV set, by inviting his friends to watch a movie or TV show, football, or any other sports.

Similarly, girls are the same about make-up. Make-up products are like TVs except for the face. Just as there are new TVs and gadgets, there are also new make-up products. Each make-up product requires knowledge on how to use it and its’ different ways of usage. There is eyeliner, blush, foundation, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, bronzer, lip gloss, etc…When a girl buys a new make-up product she is going to wear it to new occasions, parties, and other events.

6. Muscles And Hair

Most guys try really hard to create some muscles. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to create muscles, and it also requires a lot weight training and physical stamina. It is typical that men will work out a few times and suddenly they see themselves in a new light. Their bodies may not have toned at all, but somehow exercising and going to the gym a few times makes a guy feel stronger. When guys work out, it boosts their confidence, even if they don’t build any muscle. A guy may even try to show off his “more muscular biceps” to his friends, or girlfriend, but his girlfriend may wonder, “Where?”.

Similarly a girl’s hair is the same. A girl may have gone to the salon and leaves with “a new hairstyle”, but yet to men it looks the same. She could have spent hundreds of dollars, or many hours at the salon, but sometimes men just don’t see the new transformation. There is more to a girl’s hair than how it looks. The fact that a girls hair is soft, straight, curly, or fluffy, is because of the trips to the salon with hundreds dollars spent. Just as exercising won’t show and physical changes right away, but it keeps a guy’s body healthy and active. Girls’ haircuts and trims keep their hair healthy and improve the quality of hair growth, but also the quantity.

7. Jewelry And Cars

Guys are all about fast, big, crazy cars. A car seems to show the status of a guy’s financial ability. The type of car a guy has, also says a lot about his personality. Guys are extremely obsessive about their car’s maintenance. Guys will keep the rims in the tires sparkling. The windshield is scratch protected and proofed, and no food is allowed in the car by anyone but the driver. Some guys seem to have an actual relationship with their car.

Similarly girls are the same about jewelry. The Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity, are 4 important words that begin with the letter “C”, in picking the right diamond. Jewelry is also sparkling and shiny and also very expensive. Jewelry is a part of women fashion and accessories. The ultimate love for jewelry is usually based on how it is given, or by whom. It also is about the intricate detail of the piece of jewelry if purchased by a girl herself. Also, girls just love to “bling out”, feel rich, and fancy (refer to Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy”) because you already know!

8. Chocolate And Steak

Guys seem to have this staple meat that they will have no matter what. Pizza is the second staple in most guys’ diet, but when it comes to steak, well nothing beats steak. I believe it’s in their genes, since men do have more muscle than women, maybe that’s why they jump on the smell of steak? I remember when I was dorming in college; a guy that lived down my hallway was cooking a piece of steak in the kitchen. I myself love steak, except I enjoy a bit of more tender and easily cut steak.

Similarly it is the same for most girls. It is rare that you will find a girl that doesn’t like chocolate. It is known that chocolate releases the same endorphins in a girl’s body as falling in love, or having sex. The only difference, chocolate is good every single time, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate, and chocolate is always available at any store. Chocolate won’t break your heart. It is in a way embedded in a girl’s genes. Chocolate also contains caffeine, sometimes even more than a cup of coffee, which may help a girl feel more energetic and relaxed at the same time. Chocolate is also known to be good aphrodisiac when wanting to get in the mood.

9. Boxers And Tights

Guys would rather walk around in boxers or shirts all day than wearing pants. Pants are longer, tighter and not so breathable for their manly stuff. No need for a belt, no need to unzip, and no need to worry about a bulge appearing in the crotch area. Boxers are the definition of freedom for guys. Unfortunately guys can’t really walk out in public in boxers. But when guys are home, majority of the time they are sitting around in their boxers. It makes sense since shorts are more comfortable even for women.

Tights are even more comfortable for girls to wear, which perhaps most guys would not want to be caught dead in. Tights were not back in style up until a few years ago. Before tights were considered a style in the 80’s and 90’s decade, now tights are worn more for leisure rather than a fashion statement. I myself wasn’t too crazy about wearing tights out in public, but once I bought a pair and wore them, I’ve never felt more comfortable. At the same time I looked more lean and fit. Tights can be styled up, be worn for casual wear, be worn at home as pajamas, or even be worn for working out. It’s a beautiful and genius invention. Also most guys seem to enjoy the new view from behind.

10. Tears And Menstrual Cramps

Men cry, that is a real issue that people have a hard time accepting. For some reason tears in a guy’s world is considered not to be masculine. It is normal for children to cry, it is normal for girls to cry, even the elderly can cry, but a man cannot cry. I have seen my father cry maybe 2 times in my entire life. It was rare and as soon as a tear came he wiped it so fast. A man that cries is actually beautiful. It teaches us women to understand that a man is human too. Men have feelings, men feel pain, and men feel sad. Men have weaknesses too. This stereotype of a man being strong, fearless, and emotionless needs to change. The people that need to accept this are women.

Similarly, the stereotype about women being nice and sweet needs to change. A woman can get angry, and not because she is on her period. Believe it or not, woman can be nice on their periods, but anger is not a sign or signal of “PMS-ing”. Women can also feel violent and vengeful. Just because a woman gets angry doesn’t mean she is crazy, or she is not a “lady”. It means that she is a human that has all the emotions that consists in humans. A woman can cuss and yell, a woman can shout, a woman can feel rage. Not all women cry or pout. If men feel isolated for not being able to cry without being called a “wuss”, women also feel isolated for not being able to express anger without being labeled as a bitch or “on their periods”.

11. Toilet Seats Up And Clogged Showers

Guys tend to leave toilet seats up after using the bathroom. It can be annoying for a girl to use the toilet especially when it’s urgent; to re-put the seat down, unbutton pants, unzip, take down underwear, and sit. Or if it’s a skirt well that’s a lot easier but still, no one wants to touch a toilet seat. Guys can pee sitting down, but of course that is not “manly” or something. It’s understandable, for guys it must also be a hassle to constantly put the seat up. But in a way the toilet seat being put up is only for peeing. Everyone poops sitting down, or at least I hope so. You would think by now there would be automatic toilet seats, which could lift up with a push of a button. But then again, apparently it still doesn’t answer the mystery of pee being on the floor. Again I don’t get why guys can’t sit to pee, if you miss the toilet bowl even when the toilet seat is up, maybe it’s time for guys to try something new, and cleaner. After all, the whole purpose of peeing in a toilet is to pee in it, not on it.

Girls are somewhat the same with hair falling in the shower. Hair is harder to groom when its long, sometimes hair strands will fall, and often girls are not always aware when hair falls. I have often wondered why the tub was starting to clog, only to find my hair being the reason. It’s embarrassing and it sucks that we don’t know when it’s happening. Instead of guys making a girl feel dirty and bald by nagging about it, just help her out and be nice about it. Hopefully, girls can also be a little bit more understanding about toilet seats being up for guys.

12. White Under T-shirts And Shoes

I noticed that guys have more than one white under T-shirt and more than one white collar shirt, and I find that a bit strange. I remember when I would help my mom with laundry sometimes; my father had a lot of white shirts. I didn’t understand why, but knew it was a boy clothing style. Girls don’t have that with bras, underwear, or even socks. Colors are unlimited for girl clothing and undergarments. There are also all kinds of patterns and designs. I have socks that are orange with purple polka dots, and I am over 21 years old. The most color I have ever seen on a guy’s pair of socks was red stripes? If the socks are black then its professional socks for the office or a fancy occasion. It is really boring to be a guy, but at the same time guys are lucky that everything is so simple for them. Maybe guys can understand why girls take so long to get ready, with so many colors and choices it’s definitely a lot of tough decisions. Can you blame us?

Shoes are like white-Ts for girls. Guys will have 20 white t-shirts, just as girls will have 20 shoes. The difference is those 20 shoes are not all the same. Each pair serves a certain function or occasion. Some shoes are for work, some are for going out to party, some are for casual outings, and some are for running. Then there are shoes for the beach, or summer. There are shoes for the winter, in snow, or rain. There are open-toed shoes, close-toed, strapped, knee high boots, ankle boots, 4-inch heels, 2-inch heels, no heels; the list goes on and on. Sure girls can wear one pair of shoes, but what fun would that be? Maybe guys might change it up, and wear other colors besides white t-shirts for a change? It makes life a little bit more exciting.

13. Video Games And Lotions/Creams

Guys have an obsession with video games. They spend a lot of time and money playing games that take forever to finish. Not all guys are into video games, and there are girls that like video games as well. I used to be into video games when I was younger, but most video games were bought for my brother. I would teach him how to play them. But one thing I know, there are some video games that are for getting to next levels, there are video games just for competition, and some for winning. There are video games for the experience, fighting, or shooting. My point is that most guys I know have more than one video game.

Similarly, lotions and creams are the same. Girls have all kinds of lotions and creams for different reasons and functions. There are lotions made just for the face. There are creams made just for skin under the eyes. There is lotion just for hands. There is lotion with certain skin healing benefits. There are lotions that help protect from the sun, or from dry winters. There is lotion for people with sensitive skin. There are creams just for feet. You can’t use one lotion for everything. Skin is different on your feet and on your face; at least I would hope so. Some lotions are too oily for the face, or too light for the feet. Just as some video games are not for entertaining a group of friends, or some video games are only played by one player. Some video games require two players, some video games are about racing cars, and other video games are about catching aliens. Girls like different kinds of lotions for the same reasons, because each lotion is different, smell different, and work different.

14. Mini-Mohawk Hair And Eyebrows

Guys have this hairstyle that makes the front tips of their hair look like a small hair mountain. I tried looking up the name for this part of hair, and could not find it. Somehow a lot of guys style their hair this way. It does make a guy look cleaner, sharper, and more attractive. It seems to be the ideal hairstyle for parties, work, and professional occasions. Of course there are other men hairstyles, but this seems to be the most popular, even with guys with the shortest hair. It sucks for guys who might be going bald, as they can only be bald. It is definite that this hairstyle requires a lot of hair products that seem to work better than woman hair products. I am guessing some guy wanted to get rid of his bangs, but did not want to cut them, so he spiked his bangs up into a mini-mohawk? There is also what I like to call the “dollop” hairstyle, instead of a sharp point it’s swirled to the side. It really makes you wonder, maybe guys do pay attention to detail. Girls pay attention even more.

Girls also feel the same way about their eyebrows. The ideal eyebrows for girls are arched eyebrows, not too thick but not too thin. But of course some girls go too far and ruin their eyebrows and their faces. Eyebrows are supposed to be the frames of the face. It is important to know the shape of your face before you determine the proper shape for your eyebrows. Each eyebrow is not supposed to be longer then the range of the eye area. The eyebrows one girl has may not be right on another girl. But again, girls don’t seem to get these specific rules in eyebrow making. Arched eyebrows have a perfect balance of shape and brow thickness. Arched eyebrows also make a girl’s face seem longer, skinnier, cleaner, and sexier. Eyebrows can be plucked with tweezers, threaded, or waxed. Then there are eyebrow pencils, and eyebrow combs, and even eyebrow powder. There happens to be this new eyebrow shape with much bushier eyebrows, unfortunately not for me, as my eyebrows are not as thick. Not all girls have perfect eyebrows, and so enhancement with make-up helps a lot. Some girls have too thick eyebrows or even a unibrow. But maybe guys can understand why most girls’ desire arched eyebrows same as most guys wanting the “mini-mohawk” hairstyle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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