Why Do You Keep On Loving Someone Who Is Slowly Destroying You?


Yes, I know you love him. I know you would rather die than lose him. He is your life, he’s the one giving you the reason to be happy and he’s the one who gives you strength.

But you have to wake up. You have to realize that what you think you have is actually what you had. You can never make time go backwards and you have to be awakened to the truth that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to bring back your fairytale-like relationship. His sugary words have already expired.

You can never have the relationship you once had, because the man you fell in love with is now the man who is secretly falling out of love in you.

I know it hurts, yeah it hurts a lot. But remember, you used to be tough. You used to live your simple happy life without his existence. You used to smile naturally and laugh without being fake. So why are you afraid now?

Why do you have to hold on to something that is only hurting you? Why do you keep on choosing to stay inside a cage when you have always had the key to open it? Why do you need to stay with a man who has a shallow mind, who keeps on using you as his emotion punching bag? Why do you keep on loving someone who is slowly destroying you?

I know you still have faith, I know you still want to hold on because you believe that one day he’ll go back to being “him” and he’ll see your worth again. I know you still believe that your little talks will go back to those long, sweet, full-of-love conversations. I know you still want to keep him in your life because you still treasure your memories together.

I know, because I’ve been in that place. I’ve been in that situation way back when. I have experienced giving all my love to someone who doesn’t deserve it. I’ve been in love with a man who was only ready for a shallow girl and not a deep woman like me. I’ve cried myself to sleep and woken up wanting to sleep again. I know it hurts like hell and it feels like dying. I know. But look at me now, I’ve persevered. So can you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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