The Art Of The World Gave Me A New Perspective On This City

While visiting New York I got absorbed into the bustle of the city, shuffling me along, with me following happily behind it. However whenever the “shuffle” got overwhelming I would find my own corner to tuck myself away from the business and get the solitude and peace that I search for to reflect, absorb, and digest. If not, New York would probably wash me along with it, ha.

During one of those times I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was able to travel back centuries in time, across the globe. The art inspired me and gave me a new perspective on New York: this really is a hub of culture, dating back hundreds of years.

While taking in just 3 of the exhibits in the mountain of art I journaled this piece:

The beauty of the paintings speak volumes to the detail of the artist’s eye; the eye of the mind. An artist is able to rotate, scale, light or maximize a depiction of real life; giving the viewer the ability to step into a whole new world. An artist’s mind is something to make one stop and consider how we each see life as it passes us by. We should see more beauty. More irony. More juxtapositions created by the placement of our life, and this the world.

Perhaps this is how we can save our planet: taking an artist’s view of life and making it a reality of society’s mindset. To capture the same awe inspiring beauty but within every waking moment, every footstep, and every decision made.

Is not our lives but the illustration of our internal eyesight? Our emotions, our viewpoints, our inner voice coloring what we see? Is not what we see but a representation of ourselves?

Inspired by the beauty of a brushstroke to bring out the beauty within each soul which radiates out into the viewpoint of the world. Our world. Our brushstrokes of passion.

So as we all continue in our lives remember how your brushstrokes impact the bigger picture laid inside that gilded frame, setting a canvas of the world… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Harrier

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