A Thank You Note To Those I’ve Loved And Lost

A thank you note to those who I have loved and lost, and those who still stand by me. 

Some nights the poetry simply rolls off my tounge, the pieces fit together effortlessly and simply. Other nights are harder, they dig at me more and nothing is simple. My heart gets pulled on, but tonight I am filled with poetry, sad and joyful words. It is written across my skin this evening, tonight it is spilling out of my mouth and is evident behind my eyes.

So thank you to the people who give me the inspiration behind the joyful poetry, thank you for placing the words that hold only happiness between the lines in this book. Thank you for the words far too beautiful to be contained that I need to run to my room and spill out the words onto this empty page because they cannot simply be contained.

Although my heart hurts to say this, thank you to those who stand behind the sad poetry. Thank you for showing me a hurt I was forced to come face to face with, thank you for pushing me to learn new ways to cope with the deep and complex losses and the hurts. My heart aches for each one of you who hurt me and who I have hurt in return. But instead of the anger I used to feel I now feel grateful. I still feel sadness but not anger anymore, and that growth I owe to the joyful poetry and the people who stand behind those poems as well. I am grateful for what I’ve experienced. These couple of months I have lost many pieces of my heart. But I’m done being bitter about it and it is about time I start growing those pieces back with those who cause my joyful poetry then to be dwelling on whose homes my heart has been forgotten in.

So again, I say thank you.

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