8 Signs He’s Actually A Little Too Into You

Twenty20 / prozipix
Twenty20 / prozipix

For as long as there have been rom coms with predictable endings, there have been girls stranded in a state of confusion, questioning their relationship status. The worst part of this “no man’s land” (see what I did there) is exactly that — too many mixed signals and not enough billboards letting a gal know if this flirtationship is headed toward relationshipville or nah.

Which is why it’s easy to be swept away by a guy who — gasp! — shows he’s interested. That’s right, this rare breed of men do exist — but don’t break out the wedding boards on Pinterest just yet. If your guy is guilty of any of the following offenses he may be a little too into you. Now I’m not saying to change your name and move to a new city, but I’m not… not saying that either.

1. You’re His Background.

So you matched with McDreamy on Tinder and he takes you to that super exclusive restaurant you’ve been trying (and failing) to get a reservation at. The date is going well until you catch a glimpse of his phone. Is that your Tinder profile pic as his background…? Uh, check please?

2. He Texts Back (Even When You Didn’t Text Him).

It’s always nice to get one of those “hey, just thinking about you” texts that show you were on his mind. But when he texts you three times in a row, and then calls because you haven’t responded, Houston we have a problem.

3. The Grand Gestures.

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, grand romantic gestures are kind of my thing. In the dating world, guys generally get major points for performing such unexpected acts. But if he picks you up in a limo for your second date at that concert (which are front row, of course) he is either a bit too into you or very irresponsible with his savings account.

4. You Left A Mark On Him — Literally.

Oh hey that’s really cool you like me enough to get my face tattooed on your arm but on second thought no I don’t want to go on a date with you.

5. He’s Always There.

Spending time with someone new and getting to know them is (I think?) the point of dating. And that should be fun and exciting! But sometimes when a guy is just too into you he seems to forget that you had a life before him. If he’s showing up to your GNO, this dude needs to GTFO amiright? I’m pretty sure I’m right.

6. You Found His Hidden Shrine.

He might be too into you if his closet includes a gum shrine dedicated to you. While we give a 10/10 for creativity, I think even Helga Pataki would agree 0/10 would not do again.

7. He Stalks Your Social Media.

If he’s favoriting, liking, and retweeting every single thing you post, check his twitter account. If you are the only person he’s following, this could be a red flag. Maybe suggest some other accounts (i.e @kutekritters posts adorable kitten pics) and then #block.

8. He Stalks You In Real Life.

“That green top looks great on you.”

“How did you know what color top I’m wearing…” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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