woman sitting on couch in underwear

This Is How We Put Ourselves Back Together

It starts with giving ourselves permission to fall apart

Let your pieces spin out and crash about like doors in a hurricane

Let yourself be heavy

Let yourself be open

Your exposed wounds will sting when you do this

And maybe everyone will see and that will sting too

They say everything happens for a reason but for now

Screw it

Let yourself admit you wish none of this had ever happened

Let yourself not know when or how its all going to get better

Let yourself be scared that it might not

Admit that things will never be the same but be fair

Admit that there are always two sides to the coin

Admit that when ‘this too shall pass’ comes

You might not be ready to.

They say get back out there

Get cleaned up

Get over it

But if it’s not time for that yet

It’s not time for that yet

So let yourself stay in

Let yourself stay sloppy

Let yourself stay under it

Give yourself permission to fall apart

Before you ever think about judging yourself for not being put back together

Once you do time will stop

Time will soften and the feeling of watching the days pass without trying to change yourself

Will no longer feel so sharp

Only then will it feel safe to open your eyes

Open your eyes and look at all the ways that





And then

Let yourself stop

Let yourself be still

Allow the momentum to subside

Brave the quiet for just a second and realize

That the momentum pushing out all those pieces is coming from you and

All they want to do is come home

Give your pieces permission to stop and watch them fall back into their places within you

Keep your eyes open and look at all the ways you transformed your own world

Keep your eyes open and see that you are not scattered and shattered anymore

You are whole in every way

You do not need putting back together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark