Dare To Love, Dare To Live

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

I am a devoted believer that life is beautiful. The first cup of coffee in the morning, the sunshine shining through the windows at 7am and the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer. I love the changing seasons and observing the adaptation of nature. I am fascinated by how quickly nature adapts to the new environment that the new seasons brings. How the trees subtly renew and prepare themselves for what’s to come next. The colors of the sky and the velvety touch of a rose upon one’s fingertip. The world you enter and the friends you make when you open a new book. There is too much beauty in this world for it to go unnoticed. I am learning to see myself as one with nature. Adaptable to changes that I have no power over and accepting what I can and cannot change. I am realizing that sometimes when you’re making plans in your head for your life, the universe is making bigger plans. It takes bravery and courage to accept that one cannot control life.

Everything that burns, eventually burns out, but look at the sun, it never burns out. Well, I have always dreamed of a love that never burns out. A love that the universe supports in times of adversity. I have always been terrified of my dream. Terrified of not finding my love, and then terrified of finding my love and losing him. This is the power of holding on too tight.

I think everyone is searching for that one big thing to prove that this life is worth living. That one thing that justifies every single struggle and injustice that acts as a remedy to all the battles that have been embedded in one’s heart as a reminder of pain and loss.

Everyone wants to find the missing piece of the puzzle to make the picture complete. Sometimes, it’s just a second chance. Nobody wants to grow old and face their death saying that they survived the days until there were no more days to fight. Fighting is not the way though. Love is the way to a better more beautiful life that is supported by the laws of the universe.

When I think of life, I think of days. That’s all we have, regardless of who you are and what you do, we all share in common the gift of time. Perhaps, some have more than others. What we do with this time, defines the life we have been given.

I believe within each and every single one of us is a yearning, a calling for a greater purpose that goes beyond the basic needs of survival. This calling craves to be recognized and manifested in the real world as much as any other call that your body makes.

We all have hopes and dreams. However, many hold so tight to this dream that we tend to close our hearts to protect the dream. We move ourselves from a space of love within ourselves to a battlefield. We put on our armor and raise our swords. We think we are doing the right thing by guarding ourselves. Let’s face it, we don’t want to be bruised our hurt. But, look at a tree, it doesn’t stop being a tree when the seasons change or when the wind blows. It remains a tree.

Dare yourself to live your days without wearing armor to protect your heart. Dare yourself to love your lover with no fears or expectations, just a full heart. You cannot consider yourself as a living, breathing person if you haven’t got the ability to answer cupid’s call when he shoots an arrow into your heart. Drop your armor because when love finds you, and trust me he will. You will wake up from the longest sleep of your life. When you meet your true love, everything will change. Just like the seasons change nature. You will start to become another person, a more fuller version of you. Every plan, every wish, every idea will be out passed and realized, as you become part of something greater than the little floating cloud you once were. Be prepared, you will lose control, and perhaps lose control of yourself as the old you leaves your body. You will feel overwhelmed and afraid, and that’s ok too. You may find some negative points in your new found sentiment and you may not recognize what these feelings are at first. You might want to run, maybe you will run. If you do, think long and hard, and run straight back and transform all of that negative energy into something powerful and creative that allows you to build your dream life with your true love. It’s normal to feel afraid when you think that you’ve found something that you’ve been searching for your whole life. The one big thing that everyone dreams of. Be ready, when he comes. It could be today. It could be tomorrow. Who knows! All you can do now is continue to be you, to love and prepare yourself for something greater than you have ever imagined. Life is beautiful. TC mark

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