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Everyone wants human connection, everyone wants to love and feel loved in returned but all too often it disappoints us more than fulfills us.

We live in a generation, where people feel that they can easily replace one person with another, on social media and applications. Real human connection soon fades away with mobile phones and online chat, but you cannot replace energy and human contact with meaningless banter as such. There is no comparison.

It’s a game for the crowd swingers and attention seekers, and eventually they will get bored and wake up. At least, I hope so, maybe they won’t, maybe they really enjoy pushing buttons on their mobile phones more than hanging out with humans. It is crazy. I guess some things, you just have to put in a ‘I don’t understand it drawer’ and forget it.

It takes a lot of courage to trust people when you’ve been battered by a dose of fleeting here – today – gone – tomorrow people.

You begin to crawl inside yourself as a defense method because you perceive people to be a threat. As painful as it is to swallow, the truth is, you must bite the bullet and allow yourself to feel vulnerable if you want to move on, otherwise you will stay stuck and stagnant forever. The only real way to find out if you can trust someone or not, is to trust them. There is no other way. As Nelson Mandela said, ‘May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.’

Let your fears burn to ashes and your old choking memories wither like dead weeds, because the past does not determine the future. Allow your disappointments, losses and sufferance, to transform you, because what was and what is are two different things.

So, let’s pretend that you’ve been gutted before, you know what it’s like now, did it kill you? No! Not unless they have the internet in heaven! Look at you, living today, you’ve survived another day, another month, another year.

Give yourself some credit. You are winning and you’ve carried on so well. So, lift your pretty little head up, and put your shoulders back, because God didn’t give you anything that you can’t carry or overcome. God created you strong, because in creating you, he gave you a piece of his strength, his spirit to rebel and a piece of his protective spiritual armor to shield you when you need it. All you have to is, is remind yourself.

Go with the flow of life and don’t allow yourself to get attached to outcomes, always be open to giving and receiving love because if you never allow yourself to follow your curiosities and feel the vulnerability, you may miss out on a chance to make deep and meaningful connections, that opens up new doors of endless possibility.

You can find immense strength in your vulnerability, this is where you are offered an opportunity to reinvent yourself, propel yourself forward and major in your own robustness. We cannot predict the outcome, or the future, but we have a role in shaping it and it takes effort and work. This is what keeps life interesting and the spirit evolving. The lessons you learn on your journey towards a destination, will always be more valuable than the destination itself.

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