Thank You For The Heartbreak

Brooke Cagle

Thank you for breaking my heart. It wasn’t my choice, I didn’t choose. But, God knew I deserved better. When you walked away, you offered me the chance to meet myself.

Thank you for the hurt and pain because I turned it into a strength that I never knew I had.

Thank you for showing your true colors, and making me realize I didn’t want them in my rainbow.

The truth is you’re a coward, but you gave me a gift, a chance to rebuild myself with a new perspective, a new zest for life, and most importantly the ability to console others.

Thank you for opening the door which I walked out of because I found a million new doors that were waiting on me and calling my name.
You taught me how someone should be loved.

You showed me how to let go, to say goodbye, to not hold on to anything that lacks soul.

You taught me how to care for myself when there was nobody else.

You don’t realize how you’ve set me free and made my life better by not being in it.

Thank you for being selfish, for choosing your ego and hurting me in return. You thought you were smart but not as smart as what I have become. I found my happiness in your selfishness.

It is because of your mistakes that I have become this woman today, the woman I have fought to become. The amazing woman that you will never know. So actually, I recommend getting your heartstrings torn. I recommend loneliness and feelings of being lost and not worthy because it is here where I have found my greatest strengths and confidence.

I recommend closing your heart for a time, because there is nothing more beautiful, than the journey of opening it, releasing the pain and healing the wound.

Watching the beauty and strength of my sensitive soul flourish with grace has been the most enlightening experience of my life.

I have lost nothing because I have gained so much faith and trust in love and life through this journey.

Thank you for being the darkness, because I learned to be my own light. I never needed you anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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