How To Understand And Apply The Law Of Attraction To Your Everyday Life

Everyone has something they want to attract, it being money, family, friends, or travel. It might seem far fetched if I told you there was a way to obtain these things, or any other one of your choice, but if you keep reading you will learn the secret to inner peace/happiness by using components such as gratitude, visualization, and consistency.

I have been wanting to understand the Law of Attraction for a very long time now, yet I never finished any of the YouTube videos explaining this action and honestly I probably just wasn’t in the right mindset to listen, nor did I completely know what I was looking for. Recently I have been loving Luca Whitaker’s channel and the vibes she gives off, so just about 15 minutes ago I noticed she posted a video on the Law of Attraction and I got really excited because I knew it would finally be a video I could understand and take action upon. Within the first few minutes of watching this video, I made connections with what she was explaining about different vibrations and surrounding yourself with the people that contain the energy you want for yourself. The reason I watch Luca’s channel and clicked on her LOA (Law of Attraction) video is because she is such a positive human being who radiates happiness and an overall good feeling to her viewers which coincidentally runs across the same lines of surrounding yourself with people with high vibrations rather than low ones that drag you down along with themselves.

As previously mentioned, there are different frequencies we give off that are measured in vibrations like how all of the molecules in our bodies constantly are moving/vibrating at different speeds. The differentiation of the vibration speeds in our frequencies directly correlates to our feelings. For example, if you are really happy and see the good in every situation you have high vibrations opposed to people with low vibrations who are very mopey and always have something negative to comment/complain upon.

The chart depicts what feelings and sensations are at what frequencies and this is one of the main components that helped me to wrap my mind around the Law of Attraction as a whole and piece together all of its components.

People on the same frequencies are naturally going to be attracted to each other, therefore if you want to become more positive you might have to make some lifestyle changes. In the beginning, it may seem like you are just faking it till you make it in a sense regarding your positivity, but by simply changing the delivery of your words your emotional frequency vibration increases, therefore you achieve your goal with the help of consistency. This also works on the other side of the spectrum for individuals who always have something to complain about; they are going to start attracting others with that same outlook, so instead of becoming the better person they may want to become, they will stay the same and/or decline along with their surrounding peers.

Now that we are getting into more of the attraction side of this topic, in order to attract the things that you are looking for in life you have to act like you already have them. For instance, say I want to start hanging out with people more outside of school. Instead of complaining about not having anyone to come over on Friday night, I’d call up a friend and tell them that we could have so much fun doing whatever on Friday night. This shifts your focus from the downfalls of a situation to a proactive mindset that gravitates more of what you are looking for towards you! This is essentially a positive version of worrying. Instead of saying what ifs regarding what bad things could happen to you, focus on what good things could possibly happen. For example, I could say “What if they don’t like me” or I could say “What if they love me” and it is essentially asking the same question but with a positive connotation, therefore, giving off a positive vibration.

Try writing down all of the things that you want to attract into your life and envision what your life would look like if these fantasies were a reality. You will start to notice a change and your life will start to look like the one you have imagined for yourself, but only if you keep focus on the things you are looking to attract. There are many things you could attract, but incorporating the LOA into your life is not necessarily to solely go on more trips or get a dramatic pay raise and maybe you don’t believe in this energy law at all, but I guarantee if you abide by it you will become more positive and influence others around you. The main idea of the Law of Attraction is that we can control our lives (to a degree) because we can control our thoughts and that is the key to applying this into your life. It is all in your mindset, open up, and you shall find the secret to happiness that seems to be so hidden.

There is a movie on Netflix called The Secret which is all about the Law of Attraction and it is explained more thoroughly regarding how to use it than in this post and I highly recommend it- it really changes your perspective. After both watching Luca Whitaker’s video that first sparked this and the mentioned movie, I reopened my bullet journal after quite a bit of time. I will insert pictures below because doing research than writing/drawing it in a creative manner helped me to wrap my head around the whole Law of Attraction thing!

I know I do not know all of the answers, hence why I mentioned other sources, but if you read this far down I would assume you are interested in learning more about LOA and how it can benefit you because you are the only one who can give yourself true happiness. I, in fact, am still learning about this law and I find it so intriguing, therefore I am working on using it in my everyday life.

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