How To Maintain A Healthy Mindset And Push The Negativity Away

It’s true when people say that misery loves company, because miserable people love to try and make other people miserable. Why be the only sad one in the bunch when you can bring others down with you? In the past, I have allowed negative people to affect me to such a degree that I had trouble separating the lies from reality. It’s a simple trap to fall into and one that many of us unfortunately know well. When we allow misery and negative thinking to wiggle its way into our lives, we are essentially relinquishing all control.

The key is to take away negativity’s power. It’s easier said than done, but positive thinking is essential to leading a happy life, and so the fight for it is worth taking on. There are things that you can do daily that will help you maintain control of your mindset and that will push out any negative forces.

1. Pray for a positive outlook.

Start your day off by asking for the clarity to be able to see things in a positive light. Beginning the day with a desire to stay focused on what’s true and what is of value can only increase your chances of fighting off negativity.

2. Always try and see the glass as being half full.

Even in the midst of a bad situation, seeking out the positives can incite hope and motivation that will carry you through. If you are only focused on the negatives, you will just stress and worry yourself into oblivion. And what good has worrying actually really ever done for anyone?

3. Silence the negative voices.

One of my favorite pieces of advice that I have ever been given was to not allow anyone to steal my joy. This is something that I think about every time I am faced with someone trying to bring me down. When you allow the things that other people say about you or to you to steal your joy, you are essentially handing them over all of your power. Don’t allow the lies that someone is spreading to become your reality. Distinguish between what is true and what is negative thought and silence anything that isn’t true.

4. Acknowledge that you can’t change how others think, but you can change how you think.

At the end of the day, we can’t change how someone thinks. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t control how we think and how we speak to others. Keep this as a reminder, especially on your bad days. Remember that when negativity is starting to set in that you have the power to overwhelm it with positivity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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