30 Things To Never Say To Someone Battling An Eating Disorder

1. “Look at how skinny she is. I wish I looked like her.”

2. “I just think it’s all in your head.”

3. “You look too skinny.”

4. “Is that all that you’re going to eat?”

5. “You don’t look like you have an eating disorder/I wouldn’t know you had an eating disorder if you hadn’t told me.”

6. “You just need to get over it.”

7. “Boys don’t like girls that are really skinny.”

8. “You’re crazy if you think that you’re fat.”

9. “Why don’t you just try healthy eating and exercise?”

10. “Don’t you know how much you’re hurting the people around you?”

11. “You haven’t eaten very much today.”

12. “Do you think you would feel better about yourself if you were in a relationship?”

13. “Have you seen how much weight he’s gained?”

14. “You look healthy to me.”

15. “Have you seen how many calories are in that?”

16. “Have you heard about that new diet?”

17. “Will you eat something if I go and get it for you?”

18. “I wish I had an eating disorder. It would be so much easier than dieting.”

19. “I’m going to tell your mom that you’re not eating.”

20. “Have you thought about going to therapy?”

21. “The reason you’re struggling with your self-image is because your relationship with God isn’t strong enough.”

22. “Only pathetic white girls have eating disorders.”

23. “Anorexia isn’t a mental disorder, it’s a vanity problem.”

24. “You know you have a problem, right?”

25. “Starving yourself isn’t healthy.”

26. “Just eat something.”

27. “I need to lose twenty pounds.”

28. “You must be so hungry all the time.”

29. “Why do you think that you need to lose weight?”

30. “What did someone say to you to make you start not eating?”

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