5 Signs You’ve Experienced A Flow Moment

There are a lot of ways that we can each experience flow moments. For some they’ll happen when your favorite song comes on the radio. Music has definitely been shown to increase flow experiences. For others it happens when you play a sport.  For me it happens when I dance (I’m a classically and contemporary trained dancer).  I also get that feeling when singing, writing, and painting. 

I hope it’s not presumptuous of me to think that most readers have experiences a flow moment. Here’s to hoping that you get these moments as well, because they can be incredible:

1. Loss of time

In the moments when you move out of the place and realize that you have no idea what all just happened, but you’re glad they did happen.  These are moments that pull you closer to yourself, and the moments you will be glad you said, “holy shit I can’t believe that just happened.”

2. Sweaty Pits

Did you see that little bead of sweat roll down your forehead?  Damn you were working hard. Those are not reserved just for gym rats or professional athletes. Those are reserved for all of us lovers of something wonderful. Maybe your love is something which is physically strenuous. Maybe it’s not. But I would bet that if it’s something you really love, you’ll get all hot and steamy in the back seat with it.

3. Slight memory loss

Did you forget what you did when this all started? Maybe you did. If so, then it was probably flow. You may not remember how it began, you may not remember how it ended. But you remember having it sweep you off your feet and take you for a ride.  Don’t question this — it’s a gift, it’s a pleasure, and be happy that it happens. Just, do try to write highlights down in a journal or something.  No one wants to forget that ah-ha! moment that’s bound to turn into the next Harry Potter.

4. Utter Exhaustion

Want to sleep like a baby? Spend your time doing something you love.  And spend your time doing something that’s going to make you feel happy to wake up in the morning.  This cannot and will not be the only thing that you do with your day, but I’m certain it’s going to do the bedtime trick better than any drink, movie, or magazine.

5. Peace be with you, Yoda said

Promise yourself, today and every day, that when you are sad you will do said thing that you love.  Or if that’s not working, trying taking up something else that you just don’t know how to do. Step out of your box. Create. Then you will never truly get bored.  When your friends are all gone and you’re left by yourself for hours and hours on end, it’s the imagination, the creativity that will get you through. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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