6 Indicators You’re Not The Average Basic B*tch

The trend of being a “basic bitch” has become a thing recently. Some girls will (without saying it) avoid being a basic bitch – no long North Face trench coats even in the peak of (Michigan/Illinois/New York) winters and no liquid energy from that little (huge) coffee shop with the green cups. In contrast to these women there are girls who embrace their basic bitch-ness – selfies followed by the “I have no shame, I’m just a basic bitch” and instagrams of the latest dish they made from their pinterest food porn board.

I see two camps into which the young women of our generation fall, but what do these two groups have in common? They want to just be the truest form of themselves. For some this means breaking out of the WASP/JAP stereotypes and for others it means embracing that part of themselves. Whatever side you chose you just have to do you.

I personally have a bit of both in me. My roots are in WASP country, so I will always love a Jackie O, but I also have a love of trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. In an effort to be a truest form of myself which doesn’t involve falling into the stereotypes of a basic bitch I’ve compiled this list of 6 things you can do for yourself to free yourself from the constraints of a basic life.

1. You say what’s on your mind.

When someone says something that you don’t like, say something back to them. Do just take it. Don’t listen, pretend to be kind and then talk about them behind their backs. It’s not tasteful. Situations like these are ones where you can potentially build up resentment. You will end up with resentment. Ugly, smelly, and spiteful. And well that’s no good for those wrinkles that are bound to come in our futures.

2. You want to go to new places.

See the world to see yourself. A basic bitch would go to the same resort that she’s been to every year since she was in middle school. See new places. Feel uncomfortable. Embrace it. Try it. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be something beyond yourself.

3. You love others.

It’s a tough world that we live in and to try to go at this alone does not make things any easier. Love your family. If yours is like mine they will tell you that at the end of the day, family is the most important group in your life. Find a group of friends that you love to be around. You need people to pick you up and make you feel better when you’re feeling down. And last, but definitely not least, find a loving partner in crime.

4. You make a living doing something you love.

What do you enjoy doing? What made your eyes light up when you were young and what makes your eyes light up now? That is what you should be doing. That is what you should be striving for. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. If you have a will, you have a way and the drive creates meaning. Take it and run. Just make sure that what you love doing doesn’t involve sadomasochism or something creepy like that.

5. You sport a style that suits you.

Whether we care to admit it or not, our appearances matter. They say something about your level of professionalism (or lack there of) and it says something about your personality. So don’t just brush it off like its nothing. Treat yourself with respect and give others a taste of who you are with the things you wear. When people come up to you and start talking to you they’ll have a sense of you are without you even having to open your yapper.

6. You love jokes/laugh.

I recommend America’s Funniest Home Videos or Remi Gaillard videos for a good laugh when you need something to help you get the giggles out. Or grab the nearest little kid in your neighborhood and watch them in awe of how weird they are. They will not let you down.

If you meet most of these criteria then I think you can say pretty confidently that you are not a basic bitch. You are being true to yourself true to the people around you. This should give you some sense of resolve. Keep it up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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